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04-12 Mitsubishi Galant Megan Racing Lowering Springs

04-12 Mitsubishi Galant Megan Racing Lowering Springs

Part Number: MR-LS-ME06

Retail Price: $169.00

Our Price: $152.10

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Shipping: Flat: $17.50

The 04-12 Mitsubishi Galant Lowering Springs from Megan Racing offers racecar handling, yet maintains smooth and comfortable ride characteristics. Carefully matched springs rates provide exceptional handling, response, control and balance. These Lowering Springs offer a generous drop to your car while remaining very “streetable” by having enough clearance to avoid bottoming-out; and the lowered center of gravity improves performance and increases stability, as well as enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.

  • 04-12 Mitsubishi Galant Megan Racing Lowering Springs
  • 1.5" Front Drop (As Tested on the Eclipse)
  • 1.5" Rear Drop (As Tested on the Eclipse)
  • Enhanced appearance of vehicle

Please note that these springs were originally developed for the 2006-2012 Eclipse and were not specifically tested for the Galant. However, the Eclipse and Galant share many similar suspension components allowing these to fit both vehicles. The Galant's curb weight is slightly heavier then the Eclipse, this will result in a slightly lower drop when installing these springs on the Galant.

Below we have attached the curb weight of both the Eclipse and Galant according to Car & Driver vehicle specifications.

  • 06-12 Mitsubishi Eclipse Curb Weight - (Car & Driver)
  • 06-12 Eclipse (4cyl) Curb Weight - 3275lbs
  • 06-12 Eclipse (V6) Curb Weight - 3600lbs
  • 04-12 Mitsubishi Galant Curb Weight - (Car & Driver)
  • 04-12 Galant (4cyl) Curb Weight - 3400lbs
  • 04-12 Galant (V6) Curb Weight - 3600lbs
  • 04-12 Galant (V6 Ralliart) Curb Weight - 3750lbs

***We do not recommend these for use on the "Ralliart" Galant. The Curb weight is substantially heavier then what these springs were tested for. Using these springs on a heavier vehicle can result in spring binding. Spring binding is when the coils of the spring stack on top of each other not allowing the spring to compress any further. This will have a negative effect on the vehicle ride quality and performance of the spring**

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