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05-09 Subaru Legacy GT PERRIN Air/Oil Separator (FMIC)

05-09 Subaru Legacy GT PERRIN Air/Oil Separator (FMIC)

Part Number: PSPENG60X

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The 05-09 Subaru Legacy GT PERRIN Air/Oil Separator increases intercooler efficiency by reducing the amount of oil deposited into your intercooler and intake system. As blow-by oil builds up inside your intercooler its efficiency becomes reduced due to less heat being transferred away from your engine. This leads to power loss and detonation, which can be damaging to your engine. Every connection on the PERRIN AOS is threaded NPT which is a very universal way to connect fittings. This allows for fully customizable setups and installations to be done. Each kit comes with specific mounting brackets and instructions to install your AOS perfectly in your engine bay or adapt our simple 2 hole mounting bracket for custom installations.

Reduce Detonation:
The octane level of oil is very low. Anytime there is a significant amount of engine blow-by (oil) being put back into your engine, it reduces your fuel's octane level leading to detonation or knock, which will cause loss of power and engine failure.

PCV System Included:
The PERRIN Air Oil Separator kit was designed on the idea that using a PCV on the AOS outlet ensures proper crank case venting during light loads and helps reduce unwanted blow-by gases into your intake system. PERRIN Incorporated a PCV to reduces the smell from exhaust and keeps your intake tract clean.

Swirl Pot Technology:
Featuring swirl pot type technology and multi-layer baffles, the PERRIN Performance Air Oil Separator forces incoming air to circulate across the baffles, separating oil from engine blowby.

Heated By Coolant:
The base plate of the the AOS is heated by coolant drawn from the engine. By keeping the AOS the same temperature as the engine and blow-by gases, water condensation is decreased allowing oil and water vapor to separate and pass through the can. This vital feature eliminates nearly all the sludge that can build up in the AOS body, which drastically reduce how often you must clean it.

  • 05-09 Subaru Legacy GT PERRIN Air/Oil Separator
  • For front mount intercooler setups
  • Removes oil from the engine ventilation system
  • Fabricated out of aluminum, fully tig-welded and powder coated
  • Includes all hardware for a quick install
  • Available in wrinkle red or wrinkle black
  • Includes 5 year PERRIN warranty