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08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

Part Number: 78530/78630

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The 08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Air Lift Performance Air Suspension is a complete bolt-in kit that comes with everything you need to significantly drop the ride height of your Mitsubishi for the slammed look and then at the push of a button, raise it back up to your desired height for any type of driving situation. For years, coilovers were the preferred solution because of their damping and ride height adjustability. Today, performance air suspension provides all the same benefits as coilovers, but is unmatched in its versatility and adjustability.

Airlift performance kits use fully-threaded, 30-way adjustable, monotube air struts and shocks that feature a wide range of damping adjustment, specially tuned to match the air springs. The dynamic monotube construction is the ideal choice for racing, and is the preferred choice for Air Lift. The sensitivity to small inputs, as well as the great ability to shed heat when pushed to the limit, The 30 levels of adjustment allow the user to dial-in the perfect handling feel for their desired ride quality. The adjustment range spans from super-stiff to very soft, adjusting rebound and compression together, but with proportionally more rebound. Additionally, Air Lift struts and shocks weigh considerably less than combined coil spring parts which reduces unsprung weight for better performance.

Air Management Types (Suspension control)

Manual Air Management - Is the most basic and simple way to control your air suspension. With this system you no longer need to worry about wiring and mounting electronic valves to your tank, freeing up some usable room in your vehicle. Height control is adjusted with the push of the 1/4″ paddle valves which can be custom mounted on to your dash or mounted to the supplied stainless steel panel.

AutoPilot V2 Air Management - Is slightly more advanced than the manual air management. This system features the sleek V2 controller with a display readout that shows individual corner air pressure and tank pressure. The controller connects to your wire harness with just one wire and fits in the palm of your hand. APV2 also features eight different presets to allow you to tailor your ride height needs. As you drive the V2 controller constantly monitors your pressures and adjusts accordingly to your presets, Built-in diagnostics alert you to leaks, low pressures, communication failures, and valve dysfunctions.

3P Air Management - Is Airlift Performance's all new and most advanced pressure based air suspension control system. The 3P management also features a fully integrated manifold, by combining the ECU, pressure manifold and bluetooth module into one compact unit the new manifold takes up less space than multiple components. The manifold has a 32-bit processor that provides sophisticated height and pressure algorithms to give you the most precise control over all four corners of your vehicle. The controller features a brilliant TFT color display with adjustable backlight and illuminated preset buttons. Shown in the full color display is your tank pressure, 4-corner active height and pressure readings, as well as a full menu selection. Each 3P management system also works with the free mobile app with no additional hardware required to buy and install. This system has also been designed to be installed as simply as possible with plug and play harness connections between the controller, manifold, and power supply.

3H Air Management - Includes all the features that the 3P will give you plus the addition of height sensors. Height sensors give the system the ability to automatically adapt to changes in vehicle load. Air Lift Performance has created an improved and advanced height sensor arm utilizing a angular design which will increase the sensors life span compared to straight-arm designs. The wiring harness's for these sensors also have very small connectors meaning that you do not have to drill large holes, or any holes at all in your vehicle to route them to the manifold harness. Also included are fully adjustable sensor linkages that can be measured and cut to exact lengths to properly operate in the suggested range of motion in which a template is supplied in the installation manual.

Air Line Size - Two options are available when choosing air line size. 1/4" air lines will provide you with more accuracy when manually stopping at your desired height as well as a more flexible line to run throughout your car. 3/8" lines will move more air for quicker height adjustments but will in turn be slightly less precise with manual height adjust as well as slightly less flexible for installation.

Tank Size - Air tanks are available in 2.5, 4 and 5 gallon sizes with multiple port configurations to suit your needs. With the 4 gallon being the most popular size, it's offered in a 5 or 7 port option. Extra ports are perfect for those who opt to run accessories off their system such as air tools, gauges, or dual compressor set ups. (please note that the single compressor manual kits will require use of 4 ports & single compressor V2/3H/3P will require use of 3 ports) With performance in mind, all tanks are made from aluminum for a huge weight savings over standard steel air tanks.

Air Compressor - The compressor is used to fill your tank with pressurized air until its ready to be used to raise or lower your vehicle. We offer two of the most popular options ideal for air suspension systems; VIAIR380C and VIAIR444C. These can be run as a single or dual compressor set up. (See photo above for fill times)

  • 08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Air Lift Performance Air Suspension
  • 30 level adjustable damping
  • 4.8 inch drop front & 5.1 inch rear
  • Available in 4 different management types
  • Threaded, adjustable lower strut mounts
  • High performance monotube struts
  • Braided stainless steel leader air hoses
  • Proprietary bolt in camber plates
  • Features double bellow progressive rate springs
  • Includes necessary fittings, hardware, and connectors for a complete install