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10-12 Subaru Legacy GT Badge Overlays (Limited Edition - Great Wave Sunburst)

10-12 Subaru Legacy GT Badge Overlays (Limited Edition - Great Wave Sunburst)

Part Number: SUB1-1-GWSUN

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The HERITAGE SERIES - GREAT WAVE is our first LIMITED EDITION badge kit of 2017. Our limited projects are VERY small quantity releases that typically sell out within a few days. Once gone they are pulled from production and discontinued.

Inspired by the iconic 1800s Japanese artwork by Hokusai, the GREAT WAVE is the first in our HERITAGE SERIES of badge releases designed to celebrate Japanese culture. It’s a great backdrop for the optional JDM “L logo” as a nod to the birthplace of Subaru & the origin of the artwork. (Available in 2 color ways - “classic” which stays true to the original art or our modified “sunburst” style)

These badges are made with premium grade UV protected vinyl film that will give you 10+ years of exterior use without fading. This film is designed specifically for automotive wrapping and features re-positionable pressure activated adhesive and air release channels to help guide out unwanted air bubbles. These features allow for a fast and easy dry installation over your existing badge.

Subaru “L Badge” History: In Japan, the older Legacy GT models came equipped with the “L” badge — “L” for Legacy — in place of the more widely recognize Subaru Stars logo. This is also referred as the “L7” badge, since the mirrored L on the bottom of the logo resembles a 7, or an “LT” badge, because it resembles a T, for turbo. That, along with the Impreza “i” badge and the Forester “F” badge, were never offered on any Subaru models in the U.S.

Subaru "Star Badge" History: In 1953 the merger of five Japanese companies created Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) to become Japan’s largest manufacturer of transportation equipment. One division of FHI was dedicated to the manufacturing of motor vehicles. This division was named Subaru. Subaru is a Japanese word meaning “unite”, as well as the name of a star cluster in the Taures constellation. This cluster is also known as Plaiades in the U.S. and though only six of its stars are visible by the naked eye, nearly 250 are visible with the use of a telescope. The six stars you see on the Subaru badge is a representation of this cluster as well as the merger from which Subaru was born.

  • 10-12 Subaru Legacy GT Badge Overlays
  • Limited Edition (Very Limited QTYs Available)
  • Includes Front & Rear Overlays
  • Premium Grade Vinyl
  • Easy Installation