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2008+ Mitsubishi Evo-X WORKS Stealth Performance Muffler

2008+ Mitsubishi Evo-X WORKS Stealth Performance Muffler

Part Number: 140.504

Our Price: $199.00

Shipping: Flat: $30.00



This 2008+ Mitsubishi Evo-X Stealth Performance Muffler is for those EVO Enthusiasts where exhaust quietness is a strong consideration, the StealthWORKS muffler is your answer. The original design is fairly complex (see image below) with room to improve airflow without sacrificing sound suppression. We take the stock EVO muffler and modify it in-house to produce the most power with the least noise. We cut open the canister, modify the internals for a more direct, unobstructed flow, reweld with stainless steel wire and repaint the canister to a factory black finish. Voila, you have a muffler that looks stock, sounds almost stock, fits perfectly, provides quicker turbo spool and produces more power and torque. The gains may not be as impressive as with the upcoming Exhale AB/ABM, but worth the sound reduction if you're not looking for extra attention. The StealthWORKS muffler is 100% compatible with the stock Intermediate Pipe. Complete with simple installation instructions.

  • 2008+ Mitsubishi Evo-X WORKS Performance Muffler
  • Increase 12 HP / 7 TQ
  • Direct replacement using OEM muffler canister
  • Modified internal routing to improve airflow
  • Improved turbo response, horsepower and torque
  • WORKS Factory-Matched Warranty