2006+ Eclipse Mod-GT Hood

Thursday May 13, 2010

We finished this 2006+ Eclipse Mod-GT Hood Project back in 2008 but didn’t want the article to be lost with the launch of our new site in 2010. So, old news but still relevant. Enjoy!

Original Post from 10/05/08:
Since the release of the 4th generation Eclipse in 2006 we have only seen one aftermarket hood option released for the car, the R-Spec Hood. The R-Spec Hood is available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass and with our involvement in the 4th generation Eclipse community it quickly became one of our best selling hoods at AutoCity Imports. With a loyal group of 4th generation Eclipse owners eager for more options for their cars and a lack of attention that aftermarket manufactures are giving the 4th Gen Eclipse it was an easy decision for us to move forward on putting a new style aftermarket hood into production.

We have been involved on getting a few body kits into production but actually stepping forward and heading up the designing work was a bit out of our realm. We decided rather then starting blind we would work directly with the 4g community to get some ideas of what owners were looking for in an aftermarket hood option. With tons of useful input we started our designs based purely on what people were looking for. After narrowing down a few rough designs we took the final copy to a manufacturing team that specializes in body kits and other aero styling parts to start the prototype. During the prototyping stage of the project we changed a few things but in the end our vision of a hood that offered aggressive styling and still worked with the natural lines of the car became a reality. This was the birth of the 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse Mod-GT Hood.

The pictures to the right of this article show a few different stages of our prototype to the final outcome. For more information about pricing check out the product page for the Mod-GT Hood by following one of the following two links…

Link: 2006+ Eclipse Fiberglass Mod-GT Fiberglass Hood

Link: 2006+ Eclipse Mod-GT Carbon Fiber Hood

any questions on the 4th gen eclipse mod-gt hood please contact us.

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  1. Brian Quinn

    I’m not writing about the hood I’m actually writing about that awesome white front bumper on the bottom picture…where can I order one like that?

  2. @Brian… that is the H-Speed aka Ravage front bumper. It’s usually paired with the widebody flares but works without them as well. Here is our product page link for that… https://www.autocityimports.com//0612-mitsubishi-eclipse-vis-ravage-8pc-wide-body-kit-p-8115.html

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