EvoX Seibon OEM Carbon Hood

Monday November 22, 2010

Seibon released the Evo-X OEM Carbon Fiber Hood some time back but it was missing some key elements to be given the “OEM Style” title. The center vent and front grill inserts found on the OEM hood were left out and in their place Seibon included mesh grill. It looked nice but hey, that’s not OEM style right? Well, it turns out they actually fixed the issue pretty fast and re-released the hood with the included vent inserts. The problem is that most distributors and retailers somehow overlooked the product update and are still continuing to advertise the hood in it’s original form without the inserts. All the hoods coming from AutoCity Imports are new stock and include the necessary carbon inserts to be rightfully titled OEM Style.

Link: 2008+ Lancer Evo-X Carbon Fiber Hood (Evo-X OEM Style)

Hoods manufactured for the Lancer Evolution-X will also fit the 2008 on up Lancer n/t base models and the Lancer Ralliart as well. The 2008 Lancer GTS featured in this post is owned by Tony Palmer, one of the head members of the always growing South Florida Lancer Car Club. Check them out at www.SofLancer.com.

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