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Wednesday October 27, 2010

Last week on October 16th Mitsubishi hosted the first ever Mitsubishi Owners Day “MOD” east coast event. The event was held in Wilmington Delaware and Mitsubishi owners and fans came from all around to showcase their rides and spend the day with other dedicated enthusiasts. Our friends from,, and were all in attendance. We didn’t get to make it out to the event but Jason WIlliams from the forums was kind enough to allow us to share his photos here with everyone.

The image gallery attached to this page is all thanks to Jason, but to view some more photos from MOD East 2010 please checkout They had a great turn out of members at MOD, many of which have been posting some great coverage from the event at the link below. If you are not a member at you may have to register as a new user to view the message boards.

Link: ProjectLancer Members East Coast 2010 MOD Photos Thread

Some of out favorite shots are from ProjectLancer member “09SilverlancerGTS” that he uploaded to an online Picasa web album. Here’s the link to those photos… 09SilverlancerGTS’s MOD East Picasa Album … just to be safe the photos at that link are in no way the property of AutoCity Imports and we are merely sharing this link because we are a fan of the photography.

Below please enjoy some event coverage photos, once again thanks to Jason Williams of

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6 Responses to “MOD East 2010 : Photo Gallery”

  1. Just wanted to correct something, that very first photo of the black car (my car) was by Kyle Zurenko (Kazman) also from

    Thanks for this post ACI!!!

    Here are some great videos from the crew as well….

  2. Kazman from checking in. MOD East was an awsome turn out. Tons of car clubs were there, some awsome builds and awsome people. Cant wait for MOD East 2011!

    Here is the official MOD East 2010 Picture thread from the members.

    Much thanks to ACI and Jason Williams for this post!

    -Kyle (kazman) Z.

  3. great edits!!! whoever put that fist edit together has some skills… the intro was really nice.

    And thanks for posting the link on here Kyle… you have a ton of really great shots. If you have these posted to any online photo sharing sites feel free to link out to your page :)

  4. Sure thing, heres the link to the MOD 2010 album

    There were alot of people there taking awsome photos, hopefully they chime in also and post their links!

  5. again, great pictures Kyle and yea any others that would like to link to their MOD photo coverage in the comments please do so. From what it looks like the event had a great turn out so hopefully we’ll see Mitsubishi come back in 2011 for the 2nd MOD East.

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