Nissan 350Z 19″ Concave Wheels

Wednesday June 30, 2010

Since Nissan released the 350Z in 2003 the aftermarket community has welcomed it with an overwhelmingly positive response. As it gets more affordable for younger drivers to get behind the wheel we are now seeing a whole new breed of Nissan tuners. We have very recently started to stock a lot more 350Z performance parts and even more recently taken delivery on our 2005 350Z. We have an already large Nissan 350Z Parts selection, with plans to improve stocking levels and availability with the months to come.

350Z Part Selection Link: 03-08 Nissan 350Z Performance Parts and Aero Parts

With our focus leaning towards the 350Z market we decided to tackle a custom wheel project that we could make available to our customers. Our focus was an affordable clean wheel package for the daily Z driver that is looking for a flush yet drivable stance. Also we wanted to try to stay away from the overdone and overpriced 3-piece and 2-piece dished wheel designs.

We were looking for a staggered concave wheel with the correct offset for a nice drivable flush look without having to use spacers. We decided on the Miro Type 111 wheel because it had the look, perfect width, and the offset we were looking for. Now since this wheel was originally designed for a different bolt pattern we called our friends up at Miro and had a set custom drilled to the correct 5 x 114.3 and VOILA, we had our 350Z wheels.

Type 111′s 19″ Wheel Link: 03-08 Nissan 350Z 19″ Staggered Concave Wheels

The Miro Type 111′s offer a slightly concave look on the front 19” x 8.5 w/ 15mm offset and a more aggressive concave look on the rear 19” x 9.5 w/ 20mm offset. The recommended tire size for these wheels are 245/35/19 for the fronts and 275/35/19 for the rear. For those looking for a slightly larger wheel we can also do them in a 20”.

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  1. Heidi

    Car looks great! Love the wheels.

  2. nyani

    I just installed this wheels on my 350Z and they look really good. Thanks to this site

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