T-Shirt Design Contest: RESULTS

Wednesday September 1, 2010

We had a blast holding this t-shirt contest and we could not have asked for a better end result. The first place design and $400 cash prize goes to David La of www.davidla.net. He put together an amazing design that showcases our tie to the Mitsubishi tuner market. The layout shows a city backdrop with a Lancer Evo X and the infamous but never released 2006 Eclipse Ralliart up front. We’ve worked with a lot of customers and a lot of different cars over the years but we have an extremely loyal following of Mitsubishi owners. This is a perfect design to show where our roots are at. We are printing limited quantities of this shirt and they will be available to start shipping on September 17th.

To purchase the shirt follow this link: AutoCity Imports “Mitsubishi Slate” T-Shirt

Our second place design went to Serina Jones of www.rrinconline.com. This stayed true to our classic AutoCity Imports shirt with the vertical logo but amped it up a bit with the addition of an amazing backdrop of performance parts and popular sport compact accessories. Third place went to Dustin Perotti with www.yourfrienddustin.com. This was more of a text design but we loved the vibe of the cartoon city scape and the off center layout. If you like these designs let us know, if the demand is here we will look into printing these down the road.

Thank you to everyone that submitted designs, we got a lot of really amazing entries and had a blast doing this.

Some of our more popular Mitsubishi Performance Parts pages are linked below.

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4 Responses to “T-Shirt Design Contest: RESULTS”

  1. BJ Bergey

    The winning design looks awesome! Nice job and awesome contest!

  2. Alisa M.

    What an awesome looking design!! Reflects an awesome company!

  3. Dalton O/

    the winning design looks great..
    i also like the 2nd place design with the vertical art.
    i would buy both of those if you can get them both made.

  4. Slacker

    I think the winning shirt looks like they must have been a eclipse owner or found a great way to fit that in there.

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