Tristan’s 2006+ Eclipse w/ Rally Kit

Friday May 7, 2010

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  1. Jonathan

    I see the hood looks to have the eyelid section added to the hood. Is that custom fabrication or does the R-Spec hood come like that? I haven’t seen a hood like that for sale anywhere

  2. Hey Jonathan, these are the Ralliart eyelids that have been custom molded into the R-Spec hood. You would have to have your body shop fabricate this for you. Here are the links to the Hood & Eyelids that Tristan used…
    2006+ Eclipse R-Spec or “Ralliart” Hood:
    2006+ Eclipse Ralliart Eyelids:
    Hope that helps, if you have any more questions please let us know.

  3. What spoiler is that?

  4. Jacky

    Is the Rally Kit rear bumber only for a single exhaust or can it be made with dual exhaust since I have the 2011 gs sport

  5. @Jacky – this is for single exit but can easily be modified by your install shop to accommodate dual set up.

  6. Brad

    Is there any way I can just order the front bumper separate from this website or is contacting you guys the only way?

  7. @Brad. You will need to either email ([email protected]) in or phone (586-797-9083) in so a rep can help you order the bumper by itself. Product page for the Rally kit…

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