Wheel Spacers : Ichiba & Kics

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Wheel spacers are designed to move the wheel out from the hub to widen the vehicle stance. Performance wise this increases the lateral stability of your car but for most of us it’s simply about getting the most aggressive stance out of your wheel setup. You can find wheel spacers from many different manufactures, but the two companies we carry at AutoCity Imports are Ichiba & Project Kics. The reason we work with these two companies exclusively is because of their reasonable pricing, known quality, and the fact that both are hub centric designs. Hub centric design means that the center ring of the spacer fits to your wheel hub specifically to the size of your cars center bore size. This makes for a perfect vehicle specific fit with no gaps and eliminates the chance of wheel vibration at high speeds. Think of hub centric as “hub specific”.

Ichiba offers a “Version I” and “Version II” wheel spacer. The Version I is a hub centric wheel spacer that includes longer studs that you need to replace your oem studs with. This means that when doing the install you will need to remove your oem studs and have the longer Ichiha studs pressed in place.

Link: Ichiba Wheel Spacers (Version I)

The Ichiba Version II is a hub centric wheel spacer that has lengthened wheel studs built directly into the spacer so installation is made very simple. Slide the spacer with built in studs directly onto your hub and tighten down with the included nuts and your done. Install on the Version II literally take only minutes.

Link: Ichiba Wheel Spacers (Version II)

Project Kics also offers a hub centric design but works a bit different. Rather then the hub centric ring being machined into the spacer it is sold as a removable separate piece. Each different size Kics Spacer from 15mm to 30mm has a corresponding optional hub centric ring that can be purchased. The 10mm Kics spacer is the only size that a hub centric ring is not available for.

Link: Project Kics Wheel Spacers

Link: Project Kics Hub Centric Rings

Link: Universal Wheel Spacers Parts Page

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