Wheel Spacers : What Size?

Monday October 18, 2010

Ok, so this our round 2 post on wheel spacers. About a month back we did a blog post with some basic info on Ichiba & Kics Wheel Spacers. After that post we’ve been getting a lot of questions about sizing and how to choose the correct wheel spacers for specific applications. This follow up post will help you choose the correct size wheel spacers.

Original Spacers Post: Wheel Spacers : Ichiba & Kics
Wheel Spacers Product Page: Universal Wheel Spacers Parts Page

The biggest question we get is “what size wheel spacer will give me a flush stance”? Now a flush stance is relative to personal perception, so what we may think is flush may not be flush to you… with that said this is a very hard question to answer. Take a look at the picture below and use this as a measuring guide to help you get an idea of what you’ll need.

The widest point of your tire and wheel combination is usually the tire sidewall. Using a ruler with the straight edge flush to the sidewall of the tire, measure the gap between the tire to the inside lip of the fender. This will help you determine what size spacer you would like. Also keep in mind that stretching a narrower tire on a wider rim and/or rolling the inner fender lip will allow you to get A LOT more aggressive with how large of a spacer you can use.

Another question we get is how does mm calculate into inches, so here are the popular spacer choices with the corresponding size in inches next to it.

5mm = 0.1969 inches
10mm = 0.3937 inches
15mm = 0.5906 inches
20mm = 0.7874 inches
25mm = 0.9843 inches
30mm = 1.1811 inches

Lastly is finding out your bolt pattern, thread, & center bore size. The best way to do this is to check out www.BoltPatternGuide.com. Now this guide is not a complete list and leaves off a lot of newer cars so if you are having trouble finding your specific vehicle please contact us for assistance on this one.

35 Responses to “Wheel Spacers : What Size?”

  1. Marty

    Hi. I have a 2008 Infiniti G37 Journey Coupe with the stock 18″wheels and tires. I’d like to add spacers to move the wheels out a bit. What size would you recommend? Thanks. Marty.

  2. Hey Marty, Give us a phone call at 586-797-9083 and we can go over a few options with you. The spacer size will depend on how wide of a stance you’re looking for… we’ll be happy to go over a few options with you.

  3. Sanju

    Hello, I have a 2008 mitsubishi lancer non evo and I wanted to get spacers for it. I’m not planning on lowering the car from stock ride height so how wide can I go with that in mind? the stock tires are 215s.

  4. Sanju, if you’re planning on staying on stock ride height and keeping the OE wheels and tires you have a lot of room to play with because rubbing is not a large issue for you. Simply take a ruler and measure the gap from the inside lip of your fender to the side wall of your tire. For example if you measure about 1″ of clearance then you can go with the 25mm spacers that equal 0.9843 of an inch. Check out the mm to inch conversion chart we included in this article to help you with the sizes and use the picture diagram to assist you in the measuring part. Hope this helps you out.

  5. dspdr

    Hello I have a 2011 370z with 20×8.5 40 offset and 20×10 35 offset helo 835 wheels and 255/35 and 285/30 tires. They sit too far inside wheel. what spacers would i need? I thought 15 front and 25 rear.. please advise

  6. thanks for the question dspdr. we just set you an email in regards to your question about the wheel spacer sizing.

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  8. Oliver

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic Coupe with 17×7 wheels on 215/45/17 tires. is 15mm or 20mm wheel spacers enough to look my car’s tire a little wide? do i need another wheel alignment and camber kit after installing the wheel spacer?

  9. scooby

    I am looking to get spacers for my 1999 subaru impreza 2.5rs. I am keeping the stock rims but I am soon to be lowering about a inch. Could use some recommendations for what size spacer.

  10. mr_Civic_si

    i have a 2007 hona civic si im not sure what size of spacer i can use to flush my wheel thinking about 10mm or 15mm i have 18 7.5 rims 2 inch drop 215/35/18 tires so whic spacer the best for car thst i can use. please advice.

  11. Scooby – Measure the widest point of your tire and wheel combination (usually the sidewall, or the rim lip if you’re using a stretched tire) to the inside lip of the fender. This will help you determine how much room you have to work with. We suggest hitting up a Subaru forum as well to check what size spacers some other Impreza RS owners are using. We find NASIOC to be a great Subaru forum. Check out our recent Ichiba Spacers Post and try asking your question on that thread, i’m sure we can get some 2.5 RS owners to chime in. http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2419491&highlight=autocityimports

  12. Kristie

    Hi, I’m looking to get spacers on my 2013 BRZ. I am not lowering or changing the stock wheels/tires. What size do you recommend I can get for the most aggressive stance without rubbing? I have measured but really want someone else’s opinion who has more knowledge than me. Also are there any deals going on for the BRZ spacers?

  13. gerry


    Looking for wheel spacers for my 2004 accord v6 coupe. I have the HFP suspension and wheels are 17s stock. I like the wide stance look, what’s the max recommended?

  14. Kristie / Gerry …. the size is not something we can assist you with unless we were there to measure for you. If you need application specific assistance we recommend visiting a forum that specializes in your platform to compare with others in your community. Best of luck =]

  15. KennyArsen

    Hey there, I have an 2011 gen coupe with Megan SR coilovers, set to the lowest ride height, with factory 19″s (pretty low). I am curious as to which spacers to get, I’d like to avoid rolling fenders but would consider a camber kit (if that would work as well). I was thinking 25mm rear/15mm front? Input?

  16. @KennyArsen … many Genesis Coupe owners w/ stock 19′s are using either 15mm Front / 20mm Rear or 20mm Front / 25mm Rear. We recommend hitting up http://www.gencoupe.com and searching the forums to check out some photos. Best of luck =]

  17. james

    I am fitting 19″ wheels from a 2007 audi tt to a 2008 audi a5 30.0 tdi quattro sport. I’m getting the wheels rebored to match the A5 66.6 bore size. The offeset of the wheel on the TT is 52 and the offset of the A5 is 29. I’m not sure what size spacer to get to ensure adequate clearance of the calipers etc. Any advice? Do i go for the 23mm exact difference or go larger, like 25mm or even 30mm? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  18. @James We don’t specialize in the Euro market but the biggest option for your vehicle from Ichiba is a 20mm spacer. Also don’t forget to put the width of the wheel into consideration as well. We recommend hitting up a place that specializes in Euro cars as they will be much more informative about the specifics of your car. Best of luck!!

  19. Hi, my name is Mick, i have a beautiful 03 G35 infiniti coupe, my oem wheels & tires were 17′s but i went with a brand new set of after market Voxx rims and a brand new tires 18′s. I thought that would fill out the wheel wells out, i want my tires to come out more i seem to have plenty of room but i dont what size spacer i would need but a friend told me 20mm in front and 25mm in the rears. my tires are staggered on the G35 with nthe front being 235/40/18′s Rears are 245/45/18′s i would like it to look like i have 19′s or close to 20′s to fill out my wheel walls. Can anyone help me figure out what size spacers i would need and are spacers safe? Also will it effect the quality of my ride? All this gets confusing with mm, inches where to messure, bolt patterns ect ect ect. Can somebody plz help me out and answer my questions? Thank to everybody in advance!

  20. Mick, we sell many spacers for the G35 but for exact sizing you will need to measure. Spacers are safe if they are installed properly and if you are putting the correct fit for your vehicle hub and wheels.

    Infiniti G35 Hub Specs are as follows, (Bolt Pattern – 5 x 114.3, Center Bore – 66.1, Thread – 12 x 1.25)

    Here are the G35 Wheel Spacers page on our site…
    Link: http://www.autocityimports.com//0307-coupe-wheel-spacers-c-564_3099_3738.html

    Please note that if you are using an aftermarket wheel with a larger center bore then your OE bore you will need to purchase Hub Rings to mate up to your wheel as well.

    Best of luck with your measuring, I hope all this info helps you out.

  21. Annie

    Hi! I am looking for spacers for My 2010 Honda Accord HFP Coupe EX-L V6. I am on 18″.


  22. Bo

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord coupe. I’m looking to put wheel spacers on the rear only. This website is the closet I have gotten to finding useful info. I’m hoping you can help. My question is which of the following would I have to use, to get my wheels flush with the body the 10mm or the 15mm? If you have any recommendations from experience pls feel free to suggest. Thanks a lot

  23. @Annie & @Bo – The size you will need is personal preference, so what we may think is flush may not be flush to you. Also there are MANY variants involved.. tire specs, wheel specs, how low you are, how much camber you’re running, etc.. with that said this is a very hard question to answer. Take a look at the picture in this post and use this as a measuring guide to help you get an idea of what you’ll need. These are the hub specs for the Honda Accord… (Bolt Pattern – 4 x 114.3, Center Bore – 64.1, Thread – 12 x 1.5) .. other then that you will need to do a little measuring to see what will work best for you.
    Link to 2008+ Honda Accord Spacers: http://www.autocityimports.com//2008-accord-wheel-spacers-c-51_3050_3842.html

  24. michael

    I have a 06 g35 coupe with 19×8 +30 front and 19×8.5 +33 rear. I put tein s springs on it and now I want to get it flush. Can you recommend what size spacers I need to get that “flush” look without any rubbing? Thanks!

  25. @Michael You will need to physically measure your application as we recommend in the blog post.

    Infiniti G35 Hub Specs are as follows, (Bolt Pattern – 5 x 114.3, Center Bore – 66.1, Thread – 12 x 1.25)

    Here are the G35 Wheel Spacers page on our site…
    Link: http://www.autocityimports.com//0307-coupe-wheel-spacers-c-564_3099_3738.html

    Best of luck with your measuring, I hope all this info helps you out.

  26. Dennis L

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 Honda Civic coupe EX and wanted to get he widest stance possible on both front and back. I have the stock 16″ alloy five spoke rims on the car and thought this would be a cheap way to get the aggressive stance I’ve always wanted. My question is, what is the widest I can go (was thinking 50mm each side) without negatively affecting the car itself or the ride? Thanks a lot!

  27. @Dennis here’s a link to the 2006 Civic Spacers… http://www.autocityimports.com//20062011-civic-wheel-spacers-c-51_1203_3734.html. 38mm (1.5″) is the largest size we carry on the v2 series for your application. I recommend searching on 8thCivic.com forums.. you can find a ton of owers that have these on there car’s and you can view different sizes with your setup this way. Feel free to email or phone in if you need any further assistance.

  28. chris

    Hey i have a 2007 mitsubishi eclipse on stock wheels and tires and want to make my tires a little wider. i eventually want to get some aftermarket wheels so should i wait to get the spacers till after that? thanks.

  29. @Chris.. it depends on how soon you plan to put new wheels on really. Spacers are a quick low cost solution & are easily reversible once you do decide to purchase new wheels. If you’re getting wheels next month maybe better to hold off… but if the time is uncertain on when you will do that, then go for the spacers. Once you do get wheels your spacer needs may change so you may find yourself needing a different spacer size or possibly not needing them at all. This is a very popular item for 4g Eclipse so tossing them up for sale on one of the 4g FB pages should be an easy sell if you find you dont need them any longer. Sometimes that makes it a bit easier knowing you can always unload them easily to free up some funds and keep them from collecting dust in your garage.

  30. Nate

    Hey how’s it going! I have been trying to figure out what size spacers I need for my 2013 Civic Si. I have purchased three or four different size sets of spacers and none have been correct so far and I’m pretty much ready to get rid of my 16″ bbs rs wheels cuz it’s just become a big pain in the ass. So if you could give me some kind of advice I would appreciate it. ANY input on what size spacers to try for my wheels to fit on the car would be awesome. I have been trying to find the right spacers since I got the wheels in December and am pretty much willing to try anything cuz I’m literally clueless when it comes to what I need to buy. Thanks for your time!

  31. @Nate we’ll drop you an email to help you get things figured out.

  32. Collin Short

    Hi guys I have a 2008 Nissan 350z. I have aftermarket wheels. They are MB Battles. The front are 18×8 and the rear are 18×9 both with +35 offset. I plan on lowering the car in the future but the gap right now drives me crazy. It’s not a huge gap but noticeable. What size spacers do you suggest?

  33. @Collin You will need to physically measure your application for your desired look as we recommend in the blog post.

    350z Specs are as follows… (Bolt Pattern – 5 x 114.3, Center Bore – 66.1, Thread – 12 x 1.25)

    Here are the 350z Wheel Spacers page on our site…
    Link: http://www.autocityimports.com//0308-350z-wheel-spacers-c-55_172_3736.html

    Best of luck with your measuring, I hope all this info helps you out.

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