AutoCity T-Shirt Contest; Win $400 Cash!

Thursday July 22, 2010

A little over a month ago we posted a blog entry to gauge interest in holding an AutoCity t-shirt design contest. We got a pretty good response on the idea so we are moving forward with the contest as of today. As far as design speculations go we really have none. We need some new promo shirts, so be as creative as you want. Obviously we would like people to know what the shirt is representing so please include our company name or website address somewhere in your design.

The contest will stay open for 4 weeks to allow for everyone to get his or her submissions in. All submissions must be entered by August 22nd. We will narrow the results down to the top three designs and post them on our blog, faceboook, and multiple forums to allow our customers and followers to choose the winner. The first place winner will take home $400 cash, a couple t-shirts, and the design will go to print as the newest AutoCity Imports t-shirt. A $25 gift card, t-shirt, and decals will go to the next 2 runners up.

Link to original blog post:

  • We would like the design be printed on a black or white shirt. So please create your design with either a black or white background depending on what color shirt you would like to see your design on.
  • We would like to keep the number of colors being used in the design down to 2 or 3 colors. If you have a vision for something that absolutely requires more colors please still submit the design but try to narrow the colors down if you can.
  • We prefer you create your graphics in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, or other digital art vector-based software. (Adobe Illustrator is preferred) Please set the resolution to 300DPI. When you are submitting the art please email over a JPEG image.
  • If you are not familiar with digital art programs you can still submit drawings or other freehand work. If you wish to send submissions in like this please scan in your art and email them in.
  • Design the image with a max area of 10” x 17”.
  • For digital art please make each color a different layer as this is a requirement if we have your design printed.

Also, it is not required that you put our exact logo on the shirt but in case you wish to do so here is the font information. (AUTOCITY FONT is “Neuropol X”) & (IMPORTS FONT is “Handwriting – Dakota”)

Ok, that should cover everything! This is the first contest we are holding like this and are very excited to see what sort of designs and submissions we receive. Please send your designs or questions to [email protected].

Good Luck and Have Fun!

5 Responses to “AutoCity T-Shirt Contest; Win $400 Cash!”

  1. damnn.. cant wait to see them designs.. wish i was good at desiging shirts lol.. i still love the shirts our club has with autocity..

  2. hey Tony you don’t have to be a pro artist, you should still give it a shot. As of now we only have about 10-12 people that are submitting designs. Plus we are also giving out 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well. There doesn’t have to necessarily be any art in the shirt, it could just be our name and a nice layout and you could still win!

  3. iv got an entry that i drew,its pretty clean,ill try and get it onto a computer as neat as i can and send it in.

  4. Linda

    My son loves this web site and now has me hooked ….. looking for special christmas stuff!

  5. Thanks Linda!!! We opted out of the big Christmas sale and are running some smaller sales within forum communities we work with. Next week we will be posting a special that offers our gift cards at discounted rates through Christmas.. .. if you need it sooner please call in and a rep will be happy to assist you.

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