2008+ Lancer / Evo-X Projector Headlights

Tuesday August 30, 2011

We wanted to showcase the 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer / EvoX Projector Headlights because of the huge price drop we received on these from the manufacturer this week. When these were first released a couple years back these were originally selling at a little over a thousand dollars, about a year back we were able to get the price down a couple hundred and as of this week we were able to get the price dropped another couple hundred. This puts the selling price at only $599 for the pair on these headlights, which is a small fraction of what the OEM Mitsubishi Evo Projector Headlights sell for and offer a big improvement over the factory headlamps.

These headlights have some great features, a low beam Projector Lens, Dual CCFL halo rings, R8 LED Strip (great for DRL use), but the most notable is the colored back lighting inside the projector lens. This is a new feature that has never been used with aftermarket headlights before. Inside the low beam projector lens is a color ring that when turned off is not visible but when turned on will light up your projector lens and surrounding area with one of the 3 color options you choose when your purchase. This color choice does not affect the color of the beam projected on the road, this is simply an accent color. (Available in Blue, Red, or Yellow) You also have the choice to leave this color glow ring unhooked if you don’t wish to use it. Check out the links below to see the headlight product pages on our site. This has more detailed photos as well as the pricing information if you wish to purchase.

Link: 2008+ Lancer Projector Headlights w/ Red Glow
Link: 2008+ Lancer Projector Headlights w/ Blue Glow
Link: 2008+ Lancer Projector Headlights w/ Yellow Glow

We went into some details about the projector back lighting option, but here is some more information in the other features on these 08+ Lancer Projector Headlights. Also, these are labeled as EvoX Headlights but these fit great with all the 2008+ Lancer trims. Including Evo X, Ralliart, GTS, and Base Models.

Halo Rings: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp or (CCFL) Halo Rings are used because of the brightness, evenly distributed light output, and life expectancy when using this technology. Many cheaper aftermarket halo rings use LEDs which tend to offer sporadic lighting on a halo ring.

R8 LED Strip: Similar to the LED strip you see on the Audi R8 these LEDs offer a very different way to utilize your Day Time Running Lights (DRLs). These are not wired into the plug and play of your high beams or low beams as to allow for the customization of how you wish your lights to function. If you wish to run them to an accessory switch you can do so or as recommended to function as your DRL’s some wiring will be required.

Projector Low Beam: The light beam produced by the projector headlights makes night driving more enjoyable and safe. The headlights produce a precise beam of light onto the road which therefore can help you under extreme driving conditions such as foggy or rainy weather.

17 Responses to “2008+ Lancer / Evo-X Projector Headlights”

  1. Connor Maclean

    Glad to hear they are back for sale, will be buying these for sure!

  2. Andrew

    Very happy to see they dropped in price when I first looked at them they were 1200 so very happy to see the new price will most definatly be buying them this Christmas

  3. thanks for the feedback!! yes.. $1200 was a little steep, we’re really excited to finally get this price down this low. If anyone has any questions please feel free to post here, we’ll be happy to post back!!

  4. herbert

    Amazing price!! I would love to have this but i really dont like the r8 led stripe! Is there any way to get them w/out that?

  5. Sorry, we can’t modify the features on these lights. If you keep the R8 strip turned off it’s almost unnoticeable.

  6. Will

    So the height of the lowbeam will remain adjustable just like OEM is that correct?

  7. Rico

    Do these headlights come with resistors? I’ve heard that they might need them, but i wasn’t sure if they came with the lights or if I would need to buy them separately.

  8. yes the beam is adjustable Will.

  9. Yes Rico, the headlights do include the required resistors.

  10. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  11. Stefan

    Where are they?????? D=

  12. Sorry but these lights have been discontinued and are no longer available. Here are some options that replaced them… http://www.autocityimports.com/2008-lancer-headlights-c-54_2922_3103.html

  13. Michael

    Any chance I can find someone willing to do these? I really loved the halo and the color and was looking forward to doing this soon.. I know somewhere they also did dual projectors. =/

  14. Chaos

    Any chance you have a set of these lying around? Only now thinking of picking up a set. Those alternatives don’t look as nice as these. If you guys don’t have any left, can you pm me where I could get them from?

  15. Sorry but these specific lights are no longer available. However, if you are interested please us at [email protected], we can retro fit and match this style or customize to your liking.


    please let me know if you can make a set for a 2009 lancer gts. I really want a pair

  17. Brandon – Sorry but these specific lights are no longer available. However, if you are interested please us at [email protected], we can retro fit and match this style or customize to your liking.

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