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Monday September 12, 2011

You may notice this post is much longer then our average blog entries. We decided to go a bit more in depth and make this somewhat of a technical reference showcasing what makes BC BR Coilovers a true stand out. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment with any questions or to share your feedback.

Link: BC Racing Suspension Manufacturer Page

BC Racing is proud to provide coilovers that are high in quality and hold essential performance features while keeping the end price very affordable for the consumer. BC’s flagship line is the BR Series Coilovers. Available for $999 on all applications puts these on the low end for adjustable coilovers. The thing is, these are NOT low-end quality, just low cost. For the features you get these are closely comparable to the Tein Flex series that retail from $1600 to $1900 depending on the application.

When comparing the two side by side the BC’s are obviously much more affordable but over and above the price they also hold some great advantages over the Flex series, mostly surrounding damper quality. They feature much larger damper housings (53mm) maximizing oil capacity, which reduces peak temperature and improves damper performance. In addition to the larger housings the BR Coilovers also utilize a larger piston diameter (46mm) that greatly increases the range of damping force adjustment. With larger housings and pistons along with specially designed valve construction these offer dramatically improved quality and life over the competition.

We found the damper improvements to be one of the stand out advantages for the BR Series, but there’s many essential features that keep these competitive with other top coilovers. Below is an overview of the rest of these specific features.

**The info below this point was sourced from the BC Racing UK web site**

Damping adjustment:

BC BR Coilovers feature 30-way damping adjustment that combines both rebound and compression in one adjuster for simplicity and ease of use. This allows you to fine tune the vehicle to handle to your liking or to meet the relevant conditions.

Ride height adjustment:

Ride height is determined by the position of the coilover bottom mount. The mount can be wound up and down the damper body to give a full range of adjustment from near standard ride height to so low it wouldn’t be drivable on the road. Because ride height is determined by an adjustable bottom mount rather than spring platform you retain full damper travel regardless of the ride height.

Pillowball upper mount:

Many of the BC Racing BR coilovers come with pillowball upper mounts. The mount itself is made from aluminium alloy, anodised and then bead blasted to give a high quality, durable finish.

The pillowballs solid nature eliminates any flex or play associated with the standard rubber mounts improving response and handling.

Camber adjustment:

When applicable camber adjustments are added into the aluminium pillowball top mounts. This gives the added benefit of an adjustable top mount that allows camber to be set to suit your needs.

Corrosion protection:

The damper units are black chromed steel to give superb durability even through hard winters. The aluminium components (top mounts, locking collars etc) are anodized and the steel lower mounts go through an electrophoretic disposition process followed by powder coating. A random selection of steel components (brackets, dampers, screws etc) are put through a salt spray test once a month to check the quality of the protective processes and that anti corrosive properties are kept at the highest possible standard.

High quality coil springs:

Springs are manufactured from SAE9254 high strength durable cold wound steel. The springs are compression tested through over 500,000 cycles with less then 5% deformation.

Patented concave lower locking collar:

BC BR Coilovers use a locking collar to prevent the bottom mount from becoming loose. If the bottom mount becomes loose then the damper body can work its way down into the bottom mount reducing ride height, which can lead to dangerous handling characteristics. BC Racing utilizes a patented designed lower locking collar with a beveled edge that seats into a corresponding bevel in the coilover bottom mount. This vastly increases the surface area that the locking collar works on and prevents the collars from working loose.

High quality oil:

BC Racing dampers use a sophisticated shim stack design and high quality oil to consistently control the compression and rebound speed of the damper rod even under the most extreme conditions.

As the vehicle travels over rough ground the compression and rebound motion of the damper rod heats the oil. Poor quality dampers use cheap oil whose characteristics alter with varying temperatures. Its vital that high quality oil is used that can maintain consistent viscosity under a wide temperature operating range. Once the oil starts to degrade, its properties change leading to damping changes that can hurt handling characteristics.

BC Racing ensures that only high quality oil is used so that damping rates are maintained not only for the moment in hand but that long term longevity is maximized with oil that doesn’t degrade quickly over time thus extending the dampers operating life significantly.

Nitrogen pressurized dampers:

When you work a damper hard on track or on high speed bumpy roads you can cause the oil to aerate and cavitation can occur. This causes foaming, which effectively reduces the oils viscosity and so reduces the units damping effect. High quality oil goes a long way to help reduce this problem but BC Racing goes one step further and pressurizes the dampers with nitrogen. The nitrogen exerts a pressure on a floating piston, which in turn exerts a permanent pressure on the oil dramatically reducing aeration and so improving the consistency and quality of the damping. The pressurized nitrogen also adds an additional element of effective spring rate to the damper unit.

Bearing mounted upper spring platform:

Because the spring twists as it compresses it is very important to minimize tension between the spring and its seats. If this tension is not relieved then spring binding can occur leading to the spring rate effectively altering slightly as the spring compresses and extends. The tension generated can lead to rapid deterioration of the spring perches and in extreme cases can cause the spring platform and locking collars to loosen. This can lead to the platform and locking collars ‘walking’ down the damper resulting in un even ride height and danger of the spring dislocating under full damper extension.

The friction between spring and seats also has an effect on steering effort as the springs are physically turned with the wheels. This introduces additional unnecessary friction into the steering system, which can have a detrimental effect on the vehicles handling characteristics.

The bearing mounted upper spring platform is one of BC Racings innovative designs. By vastly reducing tension between the spring and its seats the BC Racing units avoid the above problems thus improving the efficiency of the steering system and allowing the spring and damper to work as designed.

11 Responses to “BC Racing BR Coilovers – Tech Info”

  1. Mark

    I bought a set of these from AutoCity and I love them! I slammed my 03 Celica on these and I couldn’t be happier, Only took me 45 minutes to swap these with my old suspension.. When I get another car, I know who I’m calling to get myself another BC setup.

  2. I originally purchased Tein Basic Coil Overs for my 2006 G35 coupe from Autocity. Now, the ride quality was great, but the adjustment customization was very limited. I did not get the height i wanted. In May of this year, i bought the BC Racing Coilovers from ACI, and boy did i feel silly for not going with them in the first place. The BC’s had me sitting lower than the Teins, and i’m not even fully lowered yet. The damper adjustment is always a plus. The ride quality is also fantastic. I’m ashamed of not getting these in the first place. The website link is a link to my Flickr with pictures of my car as is. The more recent ones are with the BC Racing installed. To see my car on Teins, its the car showed for the Tein Basic Coils. You can definitely tell the difference. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157627010287965/

  3. Over a year later & im still bragging about my bc br coilovers. Im not sure if its the 30-way damping adjustment or the fact you can set your car on the ground with the capability of these coilovers. But when it comes to taking turns at 60-80 you can count on these to keep your wheels on the ground. Come catch my ride & many others sportin the bc coilovers at club4g.org. Thanks again to Joe and the boys at Auto City Imports, and especially to bc for making it happen!

  4. nikko peretti

    i bought a set of these from autocity 6 months ago and i love them. i installed them on a 2010 genesis coupe 2.0t. at first i had eibach sportline springs,i always wanted coilovers and never thought i could afford them. until i talked to joe n he told me about bc racing coils overs, i can’t tell you how much i love these coil overs. they go superlow( one of the lowest for the genesis coupe) they handle unbelievably n you can do some much with them for the money. i also got a set of avategarde rims from autocity around the same time n the fitment/stance is crazy. everyone goes nuts over the stance on the coupe. i also sold a bunch of sets for joe to my buddies n they cant believe how good these are for the money, they also said they ll rock bc’s on all there cars. bc racing coilovers FTW ;)

  5. thanks for sharing you’re positive feedback, keep em coming guys :)

  6. I have had these installed on my 09 Lancer for about a year now and they are GREAT! I would highly reccomend them to anyone looking to lower their car and get a great tight feel. These were so easy to install also. If you have some common tools and some common knowledge you can do the install yourself. I love coming around a sharp turn and punching it and just feeling how my car sticks to the ground! I have not had any problems with them at all! I have contacted BC racing a few times and they are quick to respond and also Joe is always very quick to respond and help you out! Great product, great service from a great retailer!!

  7. Chris Moore

    i recived my bc coilovers yesterday at 2:00 pm and worked untill late this morning to get them perfect. im in love with these and they kept to great ride quality that infinity is known for. thanks auto city and bc raceing for stanceing out my G37 it looks great

  8. Thanks for the great feedback guys!!! Both Chris & Ryan, we would LOVE to see some photos of your cars w/ the BC coilovers installed. Please forward them to our email and we would love to share the photos. thank you for the continued support!!!

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