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Wednesday January 12, 2011

When you first start modifying your project car it usually starts with the basics… intake, exhaust, lowering springs, wheels, and so on. Now it’s different for everyone but one thing that we’ve noticed over the years is that the Interior is usually left for last. At this point you’re already WAY past your original budget (We all are) and usually aren’t in the mood to be price gouged for the few pieces you need to complete your car. This is where we come in with some seriously Cheap Racing Seats to save the day.

Product Page Link: Cheap Universal Racing Seats

We say Cheap Racing Seats but the seats are not low quality, just low cost. Just because you’re into customizing your car doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of extra dollars for a name brand to be stitched into the headrest. We’ve teamed up with Cipher Auto because they are one of the few manufacturers we’ve run across that supplies Cheap Racing Seats without sacrificing quality or style. With nice fabrics paired with quality stitching and minimalistic color ways it’s obvious Cipher Auto Racing Seats were inspired by Sparco, Bride, Recaro and other premium brands. At the end of the day this is an affordable set of Racing Seats that will not disappoint.

Whether you’re buying Sparco Racing Seats, Bride, or any brand for that mater (premium or generic) you will always need to find a mounting solution. We have our optional seat bracket kit that is specific to your exact year, make, and model vehicle. This means the brackets are made to fit your specific OE floor mounting location with no custom fabrication necessary. These custom brackets are an optional upgrade and we can have them done for pretty much any vehicle.

(This is a sample photo of the seat brackets, the layout varies depending on your vehicle)

2 Responses to “Cheap Racing Seats : Cipher Auto”

  1. those are some sick racing seats!

  2. Wow even if they are cheap they are good looking seats. Not overly done the black and gray seats look sexy

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