Fox Marketing 450hp 2012 Civic – Video

Thursday November 3, 2011

SEMA 2011 is now in full swing and we’re excited to finally get a closer look at the 2012 Honda Civic Si built by Fox Marketing. Full-Race Motorsports stepped in and helped this build hit 450hp of reliable power on the stock K24Z7 motor. Below you’ll see some photos of the car, a video of Brian Fox talking about the project, and the vehicle specifications from

We plan to work closely with the 9th Generation Civic community just as we did with the 8th Generation over the years, although we have yet to make headway in this market. The delay of the Civic Si coming to the U.S. caused us to hold off on working with it. But now that it has landed and is gaining attention from the aftermarket industry, we will be growing in our support of this platform. For now we have a very selective selection of aftermarket parts available for the 2012+ Civic but check out the link below to see what we have for now and keep an eye out for much more to come very soon.

Link: 2012+ Honda Civic Performance Parts and Accessories


- Build specs quoted below are directly from -
The main focus of this build was to showcase the reliability, and performance capability from Honda’s new K24Z7 power plant. With a properly engineered turbo kit the new Civic Si can consistently provide an enthusiast with over 450 horsepower for 100,000+ reliable miles without blinking an eye. Because the K24Z7 is so strong from the factory, we added a new Full-Race intercooled turbo kit. This turbo kit features the BorgWarner EFR turbo as seen in Honda’s LMP1/LMP2 engine program, and 2012 Indycar teams. To properly and accurately tune the vehicle, Hondata FlashPro was selected to control Injector Dynamic 1000cc fuel injectors and the 255lph fuel pump, all made possible with the Chasebays Engine Harness. For additional power and durability, the stock plastic K24Z7 intake manifold was replaced with a Honda RRC intake manifold (euro Accord Type-R) sourced from ImportDPS. Since the car has these types of power numbers we need serious traction – so a 10.5 inch wide Vossen wheel with Toyo Tire will put the power to the ground. We then hand-built the widebody kit around the wheel and tire set up, and painted the civic BASF R-M Ultrasonic Blue Pearl, a new-school take on the classic Civic Si electron-blue-pearl. The interior was upgraded with Yonaka Ronin Racing Seats with factory Civic Si fabric inserts front, and rear. We hope you enjoy our vision for this new Si.

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  1. Kelton

    I was just wondering what suspension and breaking mods were made.

  2. Hey Kelton, we couldn’t find the suspension and brake info but check out This is the team responsible for the build, i’m sure they could help you locate that info.

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