Genesis Coupe Seibon Trunk Lid

Sunday February 27, 2011

Genesis Coupe Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid

When it comes to top quality carbon trunk lids, hoods, and other automotive carbon fiber accessories Seibon never disappoints. The carbon fiber trunk lid they released for the 2010 on up Genesis Coupe is no exception, this is yet another great product from Seibon!

Product Page Link: 2010+ Hyundai Genesis Coupe Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid (OEM Style)

The trunk lid keeps it fairly simple and to the point with what’s called and “OEM Style” trunk lid. OEM style delivers exactly what it says; this is a carbon fiber version of the OEM trunk lid. This basically means that it stays true to all the same body lines as the factory trunk lid but is manufactured out of carbon fiber. Seibon uses top of the line tight weaved carbon fiber and applies a protective clear coating for a finished and ready to install trunk lid right out of the box.

Thanks to Mike Fazio out of NY for allowing us to share these photos of his Genesis Coupe.

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3 Responses to “Genesis Coupe Seibon Trunk Lid”

  1. Hi there
    Please send me more information about carbon made products
    for Genesis Coupe and it’s prices.

    Best Regards

    Vazgen S.

  2. Vazgen, please reach us at [email protected] or call us at 586-797-9083 and we’ll be happy to go over some options with you.

  3. Hi there
    Recently I’ve talked about “Genesis coupe 3.6 Tornado style” body kit.
    Now I decide to start a business with your company.
    I tell my family who that they are living in L.A. to contact with you
    and buy body kit and send it to me.
    A question : Do you have any video regarding Genesis coupe body kit ?
    If yes please send it to me by email.
    Please reply soon.

    Vazgen S.

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