Happy New Year : Win $50

Thursday December 29, 2011

Happy New Year to the AutoCity Imports community! We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all our loyal customers who helped make 2011 a banner year for the company. Last year, our New Year’s resolution was move into a much-needed larger location and bring in some new hires. The move came in May along with the addition of Brad Lenard and Scott Lenard to our team. More space and larger staff has allowed us to work more efficiently as well as focus on expanding our product selection and availability.

In 2011 we stayed more involved with the 8th Gen Honda Civic and Honda CR-Z communities – two groups we love working with and can’t wait to do more for. We’ve added tons of 2006+ Honda Civic Performance Parts and 2011+ Honda CR-Z Performance Parts and are focused to continue this support into 2012. Come say hi to us at 8thCivic.com and CRZForum.com in our vendor sections.

We’re starting off the New Year with lots of ideas and goals to continue growing. We’ve been in touch with new manufacturers and are working on new accounts that will bring some cool parts we’ve never carried before. We also have a handful of projects lined up to offer parts and services that will be exclusive to AutoCity customers. – stay tuned!

You all probably have your own big plans and goals for 2012, and if you’re a car guy (or girl) a lot of those goals are about fixing your car up. Comment on this post and tell us what car you drive and share a few short sentences what your goals are for your car in 2012. At the end of January we’ll be selecting one of the comments posted and will send out a $50 gift card to help get one of your projects rolling for the New Year.

Let’s make this year a good one. Cheers!

42 Responses to “Happy New Year : Win $50”

  1. Alex Shear

    I drive a 2011 Civic Si 4dr and have already made a few mods. So far the Greddy SP Elite cat-back and Skunk2 MegaPower header (both from AutoCity) among others like an intake, HIDs and other small stuff. My plans for this year are Stance GR+ coilovers, Skunk2 rear camber kit, and Eibach front and rear sway bars. Going for suspension and handling this year and will definitely go through ACI! Always the best prices, great service and fast shipping!

  2. Emilio

    Hi! I own a 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse with not very many mods, but almost everything I do have is from AutoCity Imports. So far I have the Secret Weapon intake, Apexi mufflers and eyelids. My plans for 2012 is spoiler, Shine lip, Underdrive Pulley, and too many more to list.

  3. Chris

    2003 Nissan 350z current setup – Stance SSD coil overs (thx ACI), AME TM02 lightweight wheels by Enki, Titek aluminium lugs (thx ACI), Nitto NT05 265/40/18, Greddy 20g twin turbo kit producing 401 WHP (thx ACI), Greddy 13 row engine oil cooler (thx ACI), Competiton Clucth stage 4 with stage 4 flywheel, Greddy oil catch can (thx ACI), Osiris engine management by UpRev tuned by UMS Tuning, Sparco EVO2 racing seats (thx ACI), Takata 6 point harnesses (thx ACI), Custom 6 point toll cage and weight reduction by FatHead Fabrications.

    Planned mods for 2012 – Custom wide body kit, Upgrade in tire width, full engine build, Cable management, Paint, More weight reduction, Fully adjustable suspension , and hopefully another 200WHP!

    Many thanks to Joe and the guys at AutoCity Imports, for help with making my dreams a reality.

  4. Hello i drive a 2006 eclipse GT-N. My first plan for the new year is to get those BR coil-overs which i have been in contact with Joe about already! This weekend i finished putting the headers and polyurethane motor mounts in, next i’ll put the rest of the exhaust back together. Then Coil-overs, SS brake lines, Energy suspension front and rear bushing kits, centric slotted rotors, the tanabe under-sway, carbing strut tower bar, and rear sway. Going all suspension this year!!! Please help me out! Thanks for all the great support!

  5. Huy Ngo

    wusup auto city imports, i have a 2010 Lancer GTS, not much done to it except a lip kit. my plans for my car in 2010 is to hopefully get a aggressive rear bumper, and some rally armor mudflaps. Then hopefully save a bit to get an remove my spoiler to make way for a duckbill trunk. I know theres many out there that says the non EVOs are slow. But i would love to prove to everyone atleast that i can make my car an attention grabber. Happy new years everyone!

  6. Hey wassup Guys. I Own a 2009 Lancer Gts…My Plan For the New Year Will Start with The K&N Typhoon Intake I bought from you guys being installed, along with the OEM Visors. Should be Pretty Sweet. I Also plan to order from you guys a GReddy Sp Elite, TS Hood, Eibach Pro Springs, Near Future Drilled and Slotted Rotors and somewhere in the distant Future most Likely a Injen SRI. Should Be Pretty Sweet Once its all said and done. The Goal is to be one of the Hottest Lancers Around as Well as The Quickest And Fastest but safest all at the same time.
    Look Forward to Doing Business With You guys.
    Happy New Year

  7. Larry Tong

    I got a 2012 lancer ralliart, bought HKS SSQV4 here and installed, in early year 2012, I’m planning to get SRI for my car and CAT BACK exhaust, and HID kit for the fog light, seems import city has everything I need.
    P.S. I’m also looking for good quality led bulbs, does import city carry any?

  8. Hello i dive a Genesis Coupe 2.0T my plans for the new year is MORE POWER !!!, Bigger turbo and a LSD

  9. I plan to make my eclipse be the best I can.
    install my outlaw engineering spacers, E3 Dimond fire spark plugs, tower bars,
    get sway bars, springs, headers, an Proflow TB ,grilles, and maybe a dash kit,

  10. Hey ACI My name’s Chris and I drive a 2008 GS-N this year I hope to purchase some cosmetics from you guys I’m already Full Bolt on and now its time to work on my exterior Already got a spoiler from you guys and hopefully a lip kit soon! Thanks!

  11. Joe

    I have a 2008 lancer gts i just bought last week. Only thing ive done to it so far is black the grill out. i would like to Lower it with teins, new wheels white grids, Injen CAI, greddy sp, black roof overlay. this is just the start.

  12. rusbin

    I drive an 09 lancer gts. Im expecting first daughter this february! Mods for this year include recaro baby seats. Baby in board sign for rear glass. Stiffened suspension and new tires. Anything to make the ride safer for my little girl

  13. My plans for my 07 eclipse are:

    GSX Carbon Fiber Wing
    Vinyl Roof Kit
    Magnaflow Catback Exhaust

    All of which will be purchased from you guys. I know us Eclipse 4g owners appreciate all you guys do. Thank you and have a lucrative year!

  14. Oh there are definitely some plans in the works for 2012!
    Car: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

    - Vinyl Roof Kit
    - Custom Projector housing setup
    - Front Lip
    - Miscellaneous interior lighting
    - Cipher Auto Racing Seats

    You guys have been a great help, and it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the great work!

  15. Lisa

    I own a 06 Mistsu Eclipse GT. I have a few mods on it already but I plan on hopefully getting the RSPEC hood and a lot of other goodies Like new headlights, Taillights and new seats to fix my car up.

  16. I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Ralliart. Currently in South Florida Lancer Tuners Club. I’ve done pretty much all bolt-ons and tuned by DereK @ AWD MotorSports

    [x] XXR 18″
    [x] RRM Springs
    [x] RallyArmors
    [x] CBD-X Carbon Fiber Hood
    [x] NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Pins
    [x] Customized 8″ LCD In-Dash Nav System
    [x] Rockford Fosgate System
    [x] RECARO Seats
    [x] Accolade: Evo X Spoiler
    [x] DC Sport Full Catback
    [x] AMS BOV
    [x] AMS Boost Pill
    [x] UR FMIC + UICP + LICP
    [x] UR Long Down-Pipe
    [x] UR Hi-Flow Cat
    [x] UR Short Ram Intake

    Quick pic of my car: http://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/374971_2703219892988_1031434899_32905401_166440416_n.jpg

    Now I’m planning on buying a Gen Coupe :) 3.8 Track R-spec. or a Nissan 370z, but we’ll see….! Hope you all have a Great year!

  17. Korinda

    Woohoo am I the only girl so far?! :) yay!!! I have a 2010 Eclipse GS sport :) My plans for this spring in order to get her ready for the shows are: Tein coilovers, underdrive pulley, custom exhaust set up and I will prob be adding to the list as always! Thanks so much I love that you guys have so much for the 4g!!!!

  18. I have an 06 eclipse gt. I am a member on club4g. Right now it is completely stock since i only got it a couple months ago. but this year i plan on doing axle back exhaust, CAI, eyelids w/ HID’s, front bumper and/or aero body kit, and hopefully tires.

  19. I own a 2008 (manual) and a 2009 (auto) Eclipse. Looking forward to use the $50 gift card as the begining of a new road…2012 will be a year of changes, and transformations….Looking forward to modding my 09 eclipse with your help. Changes will include..ANYTHING Carbon Fiber, suspension, body kit or lip kit, eyelids and a catback exhaust. $50 WILL BE A GREAT START! Happy New Year Auto City Imports!!!!

  20. Moises

    I have a 2008 Civic coupe that I just purchased last week. I’m looking to do some modest mods to add a little power for 2012. Exhaust, intake, and Hondata Flashpro to start. Then move onto bigger brakes and a suspension kit. $50 would be nice way to start. Thanks and Happy New Year to all!!

  21. Alex

    I currently own a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4-cyl. Right now, it has no performance mods, but my goal is by the end of the year (or Dec. 21 if the Mayans were right) to have a car that’s as fast as a Corvette. I know this is a stretch, but the main place I will get mods from is Auto City Imports, so its doable. I plan on updating the air intake, exhaust, flywheel, pulley, suspension, brake rotors, brake pads, performance chip, supercharger, body kit, etc. I’m gonna start college in the fall, so $50 would be a great way for me to start. Happy New Year! I look forward to doing business with you guys!

  22. 2012 is gonna be a big year for my 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. Purchased a few months ago, so now it’s mod time! Hoping to get my Magnaflow exhaust installed, stereo finished, 09+ oem spoiler, fogs, Ralliart eyelids and maybe even play a bit under the hood! First major mod is happening in a few days: Eibach Prokit! c4g <3's ACI!

  23. I have 2003 Lancer ES and plan on adding a few body mods like a grill, a front bumper and a side skirts. I also plan on building a custom sub box in the trunk. I still need to finish sanding and repainting the carbon fiber on the spoiler, which I started this morning. Hope to finish by the end of the week.

  24. Jeffrey

    I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS that currently has a K&N Ram Air intake. I want to do more performance mods on it to give it some more POWWWWER! :) The first thing I want is a sweet exhaust to make it sound bolder. Actually I want lowering springs since my car is like 200inches off the ground >:( oh and I just hit a deer last month with a 1000 dollar deductible so $50 would be a great way to start my car mod fund :) BYEE!

  25. Eric

    I have a 2006 Civic Si. I have had this car less then a year and have just started added performance parts and style. I need suspension upgrades mostly but i like to make my car stand out from other civics out there so exterior changes will happen too. I recently bought some headlights for my civic here and can’t wait to receive them, 8th Gen said the quality is great from you guys.50 Bucks would get a shift boot or skunk2 shift adaptor. Bring it on Autocityimports!

    Happy New Year

  26. Chris

    I drive a PWP 2011 Honda Cr-Z.

    My plans for the year are paint a few more accents on the interior of the car, fabricate some thick plastic fog light lens replacements since the OEM ones crack regularly, finish my sound system, and I’m toying with the idea of cutting a sunroof in it or picking up some suspension bars.

    Happy New Years!

  27. Ethan

    I have a Black 2006 Eclipse GT. I got it last summer as a birthday present, because we all know Juniors in high school can’t afford a car like this on their own! The car came with full tint all the way around, and some pink underglow with blue interior. If that wasn’t evidence enough that a girl drove it, then the CD stuck in the 6-Disc Changer labelled “Must Play at Wedding” made really obvious. My plans for the new year are to get the car looking more aggressive. I already picked up Tein S-Techs from ACI a few weeks ago. Later today I’ll be ordering Glossy Black Projectors and Ralliart Eyelids. After winter, I’ll be picking up a lip kit (mostly likely AeroX). She’ll be looking pretty mean at that point – so maybe it will be time to look at the engine. Of course I’ll pick up all my parts here though. Gotta support those who support us. #C4G

  28. Sherwin

    Ahh…yes,my favorite website to visit for my endless needs for my car. Ever since I took my apex lancer GTS out from the dealership back in 2009, this was the website I would always visit, why you might ask? because costomer service is incredible! 5 STAR excellent customer service. Guys like Joe who first helped me with orders, especially for overseas to Hawaii. Thanks Joe and all the hard working fellahs and ladies at auto city imports.

    My plans for my car are mainly makin it stand out from the rest. It may not be an EVO but if you got people taking a second look, it’s all worth it. A nice body kit and a catback would be more then enough.

    Thanks again for all your committment!

  29. Jon-Erik

    Hey, Happy New Year everyone! I currently drive a 2006 Eclipse GT-P (what we call it here in Canada :P ) with a few simple mods that includes lowering springs, a nice set of wheels, and some fancy aftermarket projectors that I retrofitted with true HID projectors along with some other neat LED mods. I’ve slowly been collecting some parts for performance upgrades (stuff ain’t cheap to come by at this side of the border!) but hope to finish the visual aspect of my car first. I’ve got a very cool idea of where I wanna go in terms of looks that I’m sure no one has ever done or seen before that I know I can achieve with the help of ACI. So on that note, I look forward to doing business with you guys in the near future! Thanks for all the support at club4g!

  30. Mark Waterous

    My wife had an excellent experience with ordering my UDP for christmas so we’ll definitely be back this year for a number of new parts. As much as I want to continue working under the hood, I really want to clean up the outside of the car as well, so some halo projectors and a spoiler delete are guaranteed purchases this year. If my tax return allows it, a CF hood and new rotors are also in the plans for the first quarter of the year… as for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see!

  31. Hey auto city Thanks for all the support!Last 2 years I have nearly purchased every part you sell for my 4th gen 06 gt eclipse .This year Ihope to finish The list!
    What I need next is -Lambo doors, new hood,Lens tint ,Break kit,gauges and spacers.
    I litrally have bought everything else !!!Good luck this year auto city!Fyi your sticker decals are still clearcoated into my painy -Fan for life lol

  32. What’s up Joe and Auto City! Driving a 2007 Eclipse Spyder GT. Mod list so far is pretty distinguished but there is oh so much more I need to do. This year I’m for sure getting some coilovers, suspension bushings, short shifter, hood, possibly fenders, rims, tires, taillight blackout film and probably much more.

    Thanks for everything you guys do for the 4G community. It’s much appreciated.

  33. Hey, kind of late on this ha. But looking to do a whole lot to my 06 mitsubishi eclipse gs this new year. Looking at getting some coil overs, racing harnesses, cf hood, cf trunk, maybe some pedals, and gauges. Always great service from yall.
    Thanks aci.

  34. Thanks for all the kind words and positive feedback on this post, it’s greatly appreciated. We are running this contest until the end of January so keep the posts rolling for a chance at $50.

  35. Driving a 2010 Mitsubishi GTS Octane Blue.
    This year i am going to need Coil-overs, a new lip kit, carbon trunk, carbon spoiler, canards, intake and headers …

  36. Dakota

    well 2010 i bought a nice 2009 rally red lancer and added a ton of parts to it, angel eyes, a whole new system, custom painted engine bay, neons, stainless steel radiator hoses, blacked out tailights, evo x carbon fiber wing, etc… but in december of 2011 a un-licenced driver hit me head on and totaled my car :( very sad yes i know, however on the up, 2012 has already been a great year, and i am now in the process of buyin a 2011 graphite gray lancer and have already purchased a ton of new parts for it including a good amout from auto city imports thanks to you when i take delivery of my new lancer ill have a nice new evo x carbon fiber hood, a new takeda sri, injen exhaust, my future buys are also coming mostly from you thanks to the awesome customer service provided by Joe! I will be doing tein s techs springs, Ichiba Hubcentric Wheel Spacers, projector headlight aswell as l.e.d taillights adding my evo x carbon fiber wing and blacking out and de-badging my new car. I hopr your new year will be as good as mine and thank you again for all your continued good service and support within our community!

  37. Well, I’m not new to the eclipse scene but I just bought another 2008 eclipse gt se this month after I thought my tuning days were over in 2009 when I traded my 05 & 08 eclipses in for a 2010 tundra to step foot into the 4×4 world. Well that was short lived after mods were extremely high, gas was used like water, and my payment was as if I had 3 eclipses. With that stated, I’m on my 8th eclipse and 2nd 3000GT and I’m starting all over once again with tuning after I’ve sold and traded all my previous mods over the years. My 2012 goals are to get all my mods done to get the most out of my 4g (lighting, suspension, wheels/tires, tuning, exhaust, headers, possible twin turbo setup, etc). So this $50 gift card will definitely help get the ball rolling on 4g mods (since I’m currently pretty much bone stock) and finishing up my last large purchases that I need for my VR4. I look forward to hearing about updates on club4g about what is new to the mitsu owners!

  38. Been with the Eclipse for a couple years. THis year I plan to build my suspension and focus on that. With coil overs, all of my strut/sways as my focus. Then I’ll be getting a new set of wheels and brembo brakes if the budget allows for it. Still want to also get a set of OEM aero kit side skirts and carbon fiber ralliart eyelids to finish off my exterior mods. My warranty should be up by the end of the year, and once that happens I will begin a FI build (hopefully turbo) once parts need to be replaced. I want to begin to develop one off parts for the 4g platform, and begin to offer them to other members on the forums.

  39. Thanks for all the great comments everyone, we really appreciate the kind words and continued support. We’re giving the $50 gift card out to C4G member Ethan to help get him moving with his 2006 Eclipse GT. Ethan, we’ll drop you over an email with your gift card info.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their goals, we hope everyone has a great 2012 :)

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