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Wednesday January 5, 2011

Happy New Year to the AutoCity community! We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all our loyal customers who helped make 2010 a banner year for the company. Last year, our New Year’s resolution was to launch a revamped Web site, which we finally saw come to fruition in May. We hope you enjoyed the improvement as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Every day we’re working to keep our product line fresh and full, so let us know if we’re missing something.

This year we also got more involved with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe community – a group we love working with and can’t wait to do more for. In 2010 we added tons of Genesis Coupe Performance Parts and manufacturers in every category from Genesis Coupe Exhaust Systems to Body Kits. For 2011 we have our focus on bringing some hard to find KDM parts to the states. We are still at the beginning stages of this venture but expect it to pan out within the first couple months of 2011. Come say hello to us at GenCoupe.com in our new vendor section.

We’re starting off the New Year with lots of ideas and goals to continue growing. We’ve been in touch with new manufacturers and are working on new accounts that will bring some cool parts we’ve never carried before. We also have a couple projects lined up to have some parts manufactured that will be exclusive to AutoCity customers – stay tuned!

You all probably have your own big plans and goals for 2011, and if you’re a car guy (or girl) a lot of those goals are about fixing your car up. Comment on this post and share with a few short sentences what your goals are for your car in 2011. At the end of the month we’ll be selecting one of the comments posted and sending out a $50 gift card to help get one persons project rolling for the new year.

Let’s make this year a good one. Cheers!

49 Responses to “Happy New Year : Win $50”

  1. I have huge goals for 2011. I own a 2009 Ralliart. For 2011 I plan on completing the injen upper intercooler piping with the injen intake. Also I plan on swapping turbos for Evo x setup. Retune is a must. Right now I am at 305whp and 329 trq. But plan on being close to 380 mark by the time it’s all set and done.

  2. Hao Truong

    My 2011 goals is to finish my lancer gts modification to fit the ideal image i have painted in my head…(which is , carbon fiber hood, subs/amp, lip kit, fenders, halo lights, new bumper, turbo engine, perhaps a swap with an evo, and many more mods…) But this must be all done by the end of 2011, i want to see this beast before i die, because if 2012 is the end of the world, maybe a 50 dollar gift card could be a head start to finish my goals before the time has come…

  3. Robert

    My goal for 2011 is to tint (gun smoke) my headlights and rear lights on my eclipse. Also get a new system, new amp.

  4. Slacker

    My goal for 2011 is to get my sound system redone to make it a lot better and work on some interior mods like lights and redoing the top as well as some engine mods and body fixes (especially some new front fenders, preferably carbon fiber)

  5. Kevin

    I recently bought a new 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. I love this car, I take really good care of it like the rest of my personal belongings. I recently got the Injen Cai installed by myself. I love doing everything by myself. My plan is to take things slowly as this is my hobby, I don’t want to mod everything right away. For 2011, I plan to get the BC coilovers from you guys but need some more take to earn some more money as I am also an university student. If I still have enough money, I am going to try and get the Greddy SE axleback. And that should be it for 2011. Happy New Years to you guys as well!

  6. ken

    I have a 09 gts and I want to hit 200 whp n/a or at least get custom ground cams

  7. Raymond

    what up Joe-
    my plans for 2011 are a “secret” lol, but you will love what i got cooking up. my car is in the shop right now and i will be hitting you up for some new stuff (i.e. the l.e.d. tail lights).

  8. John

    My goal for this year 2011 is to put work on my 2006 Eclipse GT. Its been stock for at least 7 months now. Its time for a change, I already have an appointment this weekened for a new fresh paintjob. Then heading to modding, I am definitely buying some stuff from your site.
    New look and new year.

  9. John Odak

    Big goals for 2011. I own a 2009 Lancer GTS CVT paddle-shifted six speed. So far I have installed 2010 Ralliart taillights (the black housing ones), and an Injen sp1836 Cold Air Intake which boosts power to 180hp! Although, I have to admit it feels as though I’ve gain 30hp from the intake, not just 12hp. (No more lag after 5,000rpm. :) ) If all goes well hopefully I’ll be able to install that freakishly expensive $900 Injen Exhaust with Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter. Thank goodness for the discounts on this sight or it would be over $1,200. Thanks Auto City Team. If I have enough cash left I will also try and turbo my car and make it more worthy of its name: The Punisher. If I hit the jackpot maybe I’ll trade up to a new Evo, though, and improve that.

  10. 2011; is gonna be a big year for my 2011 GTS :) Already equipped with many aftermarket products, I will continue adding to the never ending list of mods! From my 7″ Alpine to my new OEM CF Evo X hood in transit thanks to Autocityimports, I have many ideas to come for this ride… I look forward to purchasing more parts from you guys in 2011
    (supporting member, Projectlancer.net)

  11. I plan on installing my new Hawk HPS brake pads and PowerSlot slotted rotors I bought from you. Aside from that, I will have new Hankook Ventus V12s on my TE37s and a new (lower) stance on my Stance GR+ coilovers. See ya on the boards, Joe!

  12. Dino T.

    My plans for my 2007 Eclipse Spyder GT are headers, hopefully some Brembo’s from an Evo 8 or 9 and 3M carbon fiber overlay on the seat backs and tonneau cover. Also probably get the car repainted black to cure the Kalapana Black paint cancer

  13. I ordered the AEM CAI and AEM FMIC for my 2010 Genesis Coupe as a Christmas present to myself. With my bonus and raise already set up for March, I’ll be looking for some silver mesh 19s or 20s with a nice lip, a drop, and spacers if needed.

    By summer I’ll have the PowerX module and hopefully some aesthetic upgrades: Hood, sequence fogs or lip, or maybe taillights. Whatever I don’t grab in summer will be filled by Christmas. It’s going down big in 2011!

  14. Karan Nathani

    I have many plans for this year for my 09 Mitsubishi Lancer.
    I have just ordered my carbon fiber evo x style spoiler, and next I plan on getting a carbon fiber evo x style hood. Also I may choose to get new wheels, do a brand new sound system, headers and a custom 3″ midpipe. Also i plan on getting angel eyes.
    after that i plan on blacking out my tail lights or buying the new one’s that the ralliarts come with.

    hope to get many of my future parts from you joe!

  15. goal over the next few months for 2011 spacers for my lancer and the progress rear sway bar. followed by my audio set up

  16. I drive a 09 apex gts. I installed an Injen cai and Greddy Ti-C (thanks =]). I smoked my tails/sidemarkers, installed window tint, debadged my trunk and installed yellow fog lights. 2011 I plan to install my new black varrstoen wheels, black out the front of my car and lower on a set of BC coilovers FROM ACI as the final update to my vehicle. good luck everyone

  17. Aaron Z

    I own an 09 Civic Si. For 2011, I plan on completing my setup with Skunk2 Stage 2 cams, Skunk2 Header, Buddy Club Rear Camber Arms, custom painted wheels, new tires for my autocross season, and a stiffer suspension with my Buddy Club N+. I need to tint my windows all around, and also install my NST pulley kit. I’m currently running the Skunk2 76mm Megapower R Exhaust with the Injen CAI, Skunk2 DBW TB, Skunk2 Intake Manifold, Hondata Flashpro tuned by E-Tunez, Buddy Club N+ coilovers, Boomba motor mounts, and a couple of stickers that add about 20 hp. =)

  18. Huge expectations for this year and my 2007 Civic Si. I plan on upgrading my current header setup, but keeping my silent WS exhaust. Upgrading to a bigger throttle body to match my ported intake manifold.

  19. I recently picked up a 2007 2dr Civic 5pd EX NHBP, my plans this year are to just get a few upgrades late winter/early spring so she’ll be ready for summer.

    The mods I plan to get done are not in any order really just depends on how the money rolls in

    -Intake (Cold air or short ram not too sure yet still researching)
    -Drop her on some coilovers
    -HID Conversion with fogs as well
    -Lip kit of some sort
    -Short shifter (had one in my old civic and loved it)
    -Hood bra

  20. Pround owner of a 2010 R-Spec Genesis Coupe and for 2011 I would like to have at least all the supporting mods i need for my turbo swap. 02 housing, downpipe, catback exhaust, injectors, FMIC, piping, and coilovers to help me get the right stance!

  21. Goals for 2011. I have a 2008 Lancer GTS. So far I have an Injen CAI, Rally Armor mudflaps, Ralliart tail lights, lightweight crank pulley, Hawk ferro-carbon pads, Powerslot drilled and slotted rotors, a debadged rear, blacked out front, and HIDs. For this year, I’d like to get a DC Sport exhaust and header setup on the lancer and if possible, lowering springs.

  22. My goals for 2011 are to get the GTS xtreme lip kit and then some Megan Racing coilovers and lastly for suspension a progress rear sway bar for my 09 Lancer. Then onto the new audio system and then the car will be completed except for rims!! Can’t Wait!!

  23. Brian Groh

    2011 07 Civic Si Goal: I became addicted to auto-x last season running G-Stock. Over this winter I have been stocking up on parts to run STX. While the SI isn’t the most popular option for this class, I am out to have fun and take home a few wins. I plan on balancing power with suspension mods to keep my daily driver still streetable. Still planning to pick up Shock/Struts, Brake Pads and a Header w/HFC. Autocity is the place to help me get that done.

  24. I drive a 2009 Ralli///Art! Current Mods are:

    [x] XXR 18″ Wheels
    [x] YOKOHAMA Advan Tires
    [x] RRM Drop Springs
    [x] 8K HID – Head & Fog Lights
    [x] RallyArmors
    [x] 2008+ Ralliart (CBD) Carbon Fiber Hood
    [x] NRG Carbon Fiber Flush Hood Pins w/ Lock
    [x] Black’d Out RA Ring
    [x] 2008+ Ralliart AMS Blow Off Valve
    [x] Customized 8″ LCD In-Dash Nav System
    [x] Rockford Fosgate Stereo System
    [x] RECARO Racing Seats
    [x] Accolade: Evo X Spoiler
    [x] UR FMIC Kit w/ Pipes
    [x] 2009+ Ralliart DC SPORTS Cat-Back Exhaust System

    Picture of my car: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs009.ash2/33796_1717473209937_1031434899_31919649_1429904_n.jpg

    My Goal for 2011 are the next modz!
    [ ] UR Short Ram Intake
    [ ] HKS Blow off Valve
    [ ] 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer Halo Projector Headlights w/ Red Projector Glow
    [ ] Carbon Creations Side Splitter Kit
    [ ] 2008+ RA (Ralliart Style) Carbon Fiber Front Lip
    [ ] Gauge Pod Pillar
    [ ] AEM Boost Control Gauge
    [ ] AWD Custome Tune up
    [ ] 2008+ Ralliart Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator

    and more…! :) still thinkin lol!
    thanks AutoCityImports for hookin me up with most of them Parts!! :D love it!

  25. Connor Maclean

    Put some Enkei Imola 18″s on, Switch out to all HID lighting, get a new intake up and running, New headers, reflash the ECU, lighter pulley, Tein lowering springs, tint the tails, EVO mount the plate, and the most important; keep tickets and fines to a minimum hah

  26. Plan for 2011 is to get some aggressive rims and a nice drop on my 07 FA5.

  27. Currently drive a 2003 lancer OZ rally. Goals for this year is to do a new exhaust on the car and minor touches and then hopefully look to get a Subaru SVX as a play car and keep the nice looking lancer as the DD

  28. Plans for 2011, as soon as the snow clears I will get throwing new rubber on my rims, lower the car (haven’t decided how much yet). And then possibly a couple cosmetic mods (Glowing front emblem) and if I get some extra cash, maybe even a projector retrofit.

  29. Daniel Solarz

    Plans for my 2010 Polished Metal Honda Civic Si Coupe in 2011: I just bought some H&R sport springs, and plan to buy shocks (tokico blues or skunk2) and a front and rear camber kit (skunk2 v2, buddyclub, or SPC v2). Those plans are immediate and will be installed by the end of January.

    Further down the line, I will purchase a progress rear sway bar with strengthening brackets and Hotchkis endlinks. I will probably be doing this in a few months.

    I love my FG2!

  30. Yongyee Vang

    My plan for this year for my 2007 Civic Si Sedan is as follows:
    - getting my CT-E blower installed and buying everything that is needed for that install (ID 725 or 1000, NGK BR8EIX, New Belts, probably idler pulley)
    - get a set of 17×9 with 245/40/17 tires
    - coilovers or HFP suspension, rear camber arms, rear sway bar
    - TSX brakes

    That’s just the start. I’ve got lots of things that I want to do to this car and possibly get a civic hatchback project going!

  31. James

    Im planning to get some lowering spring and fix the dent on my rear bumper.

  32. Thanks for all the posts everyone!!! 2 more weeks and we’ll be choosing a winner for the $50 gift card… keep the comments coming :)

  33. Dave P

    The one goal I have had since I bought my 07 Spyder GT, is to take it from looking like an off-road vehicle, and making it into the the sports car that it deserves to be. I feel that a nice set of lowering springs are the cure for its insane fender gap… If you are in doubt, look at pictures of a stock Eclipse, and check out the rear gap between the fender and wheel, you could climb logs and never feel them with that much clearance!

  34. JP Bonano

    Proud owner of a Eclipse GT 08′, bought it used and been modding it since the beginningh. I will be buying remaining performance parts available for my car on february and after that i plan on getting custom performance parts since i want to get the max out of my car (unless you guys bring in new parts for 11′). Getting tired of people confusing cars that are similar to mine so i plan on modding visuals a bit, enough to ppl notice that my car is one of a kind (in a non ricey way). So 2011 is a big year for me and hope to accomplish the plans i have for my car.

    Eibach Springs Pro kit
    TANABE Strut Tower Bar (Front)
    TANABE Under Brace (Front)
    Progress Adjustable Sway Bar (Rear)
    Halo Proyectors (black) w/ vision eyelids
    Black Tail Light
    MR emblem
    SE Spoiler
    Fujita CAI
    Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
    Road Race Engineering Headers
    Outlaw Spacers
    Centric Slotted Rotors
    Centric Posi-Quiet Brake Pads
    3rdcat/resonator delete.

    2011 plans:
    EVO X MR wheels (BBS)
    Rally Front Bumper
    Custom Sideskirts (based on eclipse ralliart concept)
    Import Trenz R spec Hood
    Ingall ETD (stiffy)
    Proflow Throttle Body
    AEM Fic w/ Harness

  35. —2011 plans for my gt eclipse 3.8 v6—
    1-buy every part i dont have yet from auto city
    2-attend every show i can get to so far ive been to 4 this mo.
    3-never stop modding!!!!

  36. Berg

    for my 2006 eclipse GS my plans are:

    -make it look and handle like no other eclipse on the road :D

  37. 2011 is a new beggining for me as I lost my 08 RR Lancer GTS in a fire early last year. I just purchased an 09 OB GTS 5spd bone stock with 11k miles on her. Vanquish and I are buds and we used to be very competitive with our cars till I lost mine. I want to take my 09 beyond anything I have done in the past, however, with the car being stock it will take a lot of hard work. My list includes; Work Wheels, ACT clutch kit, slotted rotors, lip kit, exhaust, kyb shocks with lower springs, intake, header, trunk lip/ cf trunk, Evo hood, and a lot of little things to complete the list. Thats within the year, so I have a lot ahead of me. Thank you for your continuing support in the Lancer community to keep coming up with new products! I know we all appreciate it!

  38. I have a 91 acura nsx just bought it september 1st 2010 I already put in a high performance twin plate clutch by os giken 2500 bucks bf goodrich tire high performance rated at 180 mph custom wheels by motegi BLACK pioneer dvd navigation bluetooth radio NGK high performance plugs AUTO CITY IMPORTS is hooking me up with a APR gtc – 300 wing it should be installed by mid february joe made me a offer I couldn’t refuse plus AUTO CITY IMPORTS is local to me so I will give them my business again. 2011 goals? lowering racing springs high performance racing chip must deliver 30 hp or more and paint detailing carbon fiber hood thats 2011 agenda about 2500 hundred for starters LOL see ya on the street guys

  39. I bought a 1989 240sx completely stock and I am plannig to through in a SR20DET motor and do a full suspension overhaul. The only problem it that my daily driver a 2002 Eclipse was hit not to long ago and the other insurance company would not fully cover the damage. From that all of my money went into that so I could get to school. I need some help to get this car going and on the road.

  40. Kevin

    who won? :D

  41. We got a ton of awesome feedback on this contest so thanks for commenting and making it fun everyone!!!

    Congratulations to our $50 gift card winner …….. JohnathanC09 :)

    Not many people that posted here are rolling around bone stock, so right away your comment stuck out to us. You say you’ve had your 2006 Eclipse GT for 7 months but have yet to start to modifying… we work with a ton of 4th Gen Eclipse owners and we’re excited to help you get started with your project!!!!

    John, check your email for some info & your $50 gift card!!!!

  42. Fidel R

    My Goal for my 2008 Lancer in 2011 is to purchase your Mitsubishi Lancer Extreme Dimensions (GT Concept) Body Kit and 2 Cipher Auto Racing Seats (1013 Black w/ Red Stitching) Im hoping i get this done Before summer hits

  43. Dylan Lemley

    My goal was to buy an eclipse before 2012. Guess what? I just bought one! I am looking forward to modding my car using this site!

  44. Congratulations on the new 2012 Eclipse Dylan!!! We’ll be doing another gift card giveaway for the 2012 new year so keep an eye on our site towards the end of December for your chance to win.

  45. Matt

    Working on getting my lancer sharp looking ….. and hope to go to drifing school in the spring!!! Saving for a EVO!

  46. Good luck with that Matt.. We’ll be doing another gift card giveaway for the 2012 new year so keep an eye on our site towards the end of December for your chance to win.

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