Reppin’ AutoCity in South Florida

Monday January 23, 2012

AutoCity Imports keeps a close eye on our product lines and industry news, but there’s an important component involved in keeping our lines full with the newest and best parts available.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support and partnership of some of the import scene’s best car clubs, who keep us on our toes about new products for different applications. In return, they benefit from deep club discounts, some free swag and support for their local events.

AutoCity has been working with the guys over at South Florida Lancer Club since 2008, and it’s been exciting to watch them grow. SoFLancer was founded in 2007 by a group of friends, Eric Jablon, Tom Goldscheck and brothers Tony and Chris Palmer, and now has more than 100 members in its community of Lancer, Ralliart and Evolution enthusiasts.

“We all started looking for a club for our specific cars, due to them being the hottest new car for Mitsubishi,” Tony Palmer said. “It had created a new style for the Lancer family, and then Ralliart/Evolution.”
The club expanded outward from Broward County and across Florida. SoFLancer launched a Facebook page and forum to attract new recruits, and meets bi-weekly in Broward and Miami.

You can catch the club in south Florida at Tower Shoppes, the SoFLa Annual BBQ, Miami Auto Show, Hot Import Nights and Boost for Boobs, a cancer awareness fundraiser.

“The ’08 Lancer market is a really interesting niche,” said Joe Tiano of AutoCity Imports. “The South Florida Lancer Team is a really loyal community, but it’s not always easy for them to find parts because the application is sometimes overlooked. The club helps suggest certain parts to stock and even had hand in us manufacturing some exclusive parts. This relationship really allows us to cater to a market we enjoy being a part of.”

SoFLancer co-owner Chris Palmer summed the sponsorship pretty well. “We take care of them as they would take care of us, like a family,” Palmer said.

We value our relationship with SoFLancer and all of the other car clubs we sponsor. We rely on our clubs for feedback about new parts and product lines, and often get some of our best photos and videos from club customers’ installs.

We’re currently looking for some new clubs to get involved with for the 2012 season.

- 9th Gen Mitsubishi Lancer
- 4th Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse
- 8th Gen Honda Civic
- Honda CR-Z
- General Honda & Acura Clubs
- General Nissan & Infiniti Clubs
- General Mitsubishi Clubs

If you’re active in any clubs that match what we’ve listed please give us a call at (586) 797-9083 or drop an email to [email protected] to learn more about club sponsorship.

Check out SoFLancer at, pop in on the forum at or visit them on Facebook at Anyone with a Mitsubishi is welcome to join.

14 Responses to “Reppin’ AutoCity in South Florida”

  1. Thanks Joe! ;) Always Reppin AutoCityImports!

  2. Thank you Joe for the opportunity!! Great feature and hoping this will be a big impact on you/us and for other car clubs around the world.


  3. Definitely Joe! Also again, Thanks for all your support and to do this article on our club, is truly amazing. Great work to the writer who had to read all our quotes and notes for this to be even possible. Club SoFLancer would like to take this time and thank Joe @ AutoCityImports for a great 2011 year and hope that 2012 brings us even closer as a family! Thanks a lot Joe and soon as we get more of our shirts made up, will be sending some out your way for you and your great staff!

  4. danny

    thanks. soflancer & AutoCity Imports big family

  5. RIP my baby!
    We appreciate everything you’ve done since day one of Eric and I emailing you.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys!!! To the SoFLancer members, let us know when you’re ready for new shirts… looking forward to getting that rolling again for this year :)

  7. ***For those that are contacting us about new club sponsorship opportunities please keep in mind that we are interested clubs big and small. If you’re a newer club with only a handful of members that’s not a deal breaker for us. If you’re looking to grow and make new friends so are we!! Please keep the sponsorship requests rolling in, we’re very excited to get the new clubs in place for this upcoming season***

  8. Yeahhhh Shirts :D We need ‘em!!! Tony… we gotta make List bro! :D

  9. Jonathan

    Man I wish I could’ve brought mine down to join you guys. I wish we had something like this up in Georgia

  10. IF do you a Trip 2 FL.. holla!!! .. u dont gotta be IN Florida .. u can still talk 2 us from the site! ;)

  11. Bon

    wow i wanna join this club i have a lancer gts lol……

  12. Hugo Flores

    Sick club!! I have a 2012 gts all black too bad im form Texas…

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