Vinyl Roof Wrap Install Video

Friday March 9, 2012

We recently started carrying vinyl wraps for hoods, trunks, interior components and entire vehicles, but our roof kits are by far the most popular. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the purchase for you by pre-measuring roof vinyls for many different vehicles, and our customer service reps have studied up thoroughly to help you navigate the different grade films we offer. The link below is our current line of automotive vinyl options, including roof wraps, as well as vinyl by the foot for custom applications.

Link: Automotive Vinyl Roof Wraps

We carry matte, gloss, carbon and brushed metal film in both standard and premium grade. Any option will give you the look you want, but there are a few differences in the products. 3M Scotchprint 1080 and Oracal 970RA are our premium grades, which both allow you to do a dry installation. These are specially-designed vinyls for automotive use that easily conform to the contours of your car. The adhesive is pressure activated, which means you can lift and reposition the vinyl film until it’s lined up perfectly, and non-visible air release channels prevent any air bubbles from appearing.

Our standard grade vinyl is made by Avery, and even though these don’t feature the air channels or pressure-activated adhesive found on our premium grades, you can still expect great results. For this product, you’ll need to do a wet install, which involves spraying soapy water on the vehicle surface so the vinyl slides into position.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about the products or the installation process, but if you want to see for yourself how simple it is, check out our install video below. Thanks to AutoCity customer Jason Ostrowski for letting us borrow his Honda Fit to demonstrate a dry installation.

8 Responses to “Vinyl Roof Wrap Install Video”

  1. Is the Genesis Coupe antenna precut in the roof vinyl?

  2. Sorry Marshall, but none of the applications will have the antenna areas cut out. You can either remove the antenna base before install and make the cut after the vinyl is laid, or you can make small cut in the vinyl as you are applying. In the video we left the antenna base on the car and made the cut as we laid the vinyl down. This is sometimes a little easier if the antenna base is not easy to remove.

  3. tatiana

    What type of cleaner/solution did they use before applying the vinyl? And what do you recommend? Thanks!

  4. It was just a soap and water mix to clean the roof. They make cleaner solutions but water and soap will do the trick.

  5. aaron

    do they come with sunroof cut out?

  6. Aaron – We do not pre cut for sunroofs. Once the vinyl roof kit is in place you simply go around the inside edge with a blade leaving about an inch of extra vinyl to fold under.

  7. Brad

    I am a delivery driver and I don’t put the big magnetic sign on my roof because it scratches the hell out of it, would this stuff be a good protectant against that? I have a flat black wrx hatchback 08, also how noticeable is this stuff? I’d like to not know its there if possible. Thanks again!

  8. Brad – If you already have a flat black WRX, the flat black roof vinyl would be virtually unnoticeable. It could work as a great protection for your paint… if you would like us to send you a small sample please email us at [email protected] or phone in and we can help you out =]

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