Cobb AccessPort V3 (New Release)

Tuesday July 23, 2013

The Cobb AccessPORT is the industry leading OEM ECU flashing, managing, and monitoring assistant… and we are excited to announce the release of the brand new and much anticipated AccessPORT V3. The new V3 AP features a large full color higher resolution screen that allows you to monitor up to 6 parameters at the same time. Faster processing power, 4x more memory and storage to be able to flash faster. The V3 will come with interchangeable bezels, blue and grey to put your own touches on it. Mounting solutions have also been taken into consideration this time by including a magnetic mount. In addition to the mount, an on/off switch has been included to encourage in car use.

Product Page Link: Cobb Performance Parts & AccessPORT

Customizable multi-gauge display
Want gauges? No problem. The V3 now supports up to 6 fully customizable gauges with 1/1000 resolution. Monitor all the parameters you want to see and customize each layout for street, strip or track.

Larger, full color, higher resolution screen
Cobb super sized the screen for ease of use and better monitoring. Full text help menus, multi-gauge layouts, full map descriptions, and more. This screen has room to spare, no need to run back to your laptop.

Faster and easier to use with a familiar face
Use your same maps, monitor your same parameters, and troubleshoot your same codes, but now with more. More speed, more memory, more map storage, more live gauges, and more troubleshooting help.

Interchangeable faceplates
Customize it as you see fit. The new V3 comes with 2 interchangeable bezels, blue and grey, or put your own touches on one.

4 Responses to “Cobb AccessPort V3 (New Release)”

  1. For more information and technical support please visit our NASIOC storefront post…

  2. spencer hannu

    hi, I have a 2013 wrx and looking to get an accessport for tuning. just wondering how much the v3 is? love the car and looking to hopefully make some sweet upgrades to enjoy it even more.

  3. Hi Spencer. The Cobb AP v3 for your application sells for $650. Here’s a link for the 2011+ WRX… …We’ll have our Subaru specialist drop you an email shortly to help you out =]

  4. Spencer hannu

    this sounds awesome! hopefully at some point I will get it. thanks!

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