Subaru Badge Overlays – NEW

Monday February 10, 2014

We are very excited to announce the release of our Subaru Badge Overlays for the WRX, STi, Legacy GT, Forester XT, & SF Forester models. This is a project we’ve spent quite a while perfecting so we could bring you high quality overlays that stay true to the logo dimensions and offer a perfect fit. The photos below show you the steps we took to get this project from idea to final product.

WRX Badge Overlays
Link: 02-07 WRX Badge Overlays
Link: 08-10 WRX Badge Overlays
Link: 11-14 WRX Badge Overlays
Link: 2015+ WRX Badge Overlays

STi Badge Overlays
Link: 04-07 STi Badge Overlays
Link: 08-10 STi Badge Overlays
Link: 11-14 STi Badge Overlays
Link: 2015+ STi Badge Overlays

Legacy GT Badge Overlays
Link: 05-09 Legacy GT Badge Overlay
Link: 10-12 Legacy GT Badge Overlays

Forester / Forester XT Badge Overlays
Link: 98-02 Forester Badge Overlays
Link: 04-08 Forester XT Badge Overlays

Measuring & Test Fitting
Measuring each application’s OE front, rear, and steering wheel badges allowed us to get the base measurement for the overlays. From here we cut the samples, test fit, and fine tuned the measurements until we had a perfect fit.

Color Selection
Once the measurements were finalized we selected the colors. We have 5 available backing colors, along with 21 available logo colors. (Custom colors are available upon request)

Applying Logo to Backing
All logo and background colors are precision cut by a machine. We then peel and individually put the overlays together by hand before we ship them out.

Finalized Badge Overlays
The finished product allows you to add a personal touch to your OE Subaru emblems in your choice of the classic Subaru “Star” badge or JDM style “i” or “L” badge.

Product Photoshoot & Launch
With the project development stages completed we knocked out a photoshoot and launched the products on the site. The ball you see in the photo is the excess vinyl from the start of the badge overlay project. At the time of the photos it weighed in at 7lbs and was slightly larger than a basketball. As we peel new decals we’re continuing to add to it. Update photos and weight will be posted on our Nasioc – AutoCity Imports section.

We currently have 3,000 Subaru specific parts and growing in our online Subaru Performance Parts section. We are proud to support the Subaru community and if you have any questions about our products please reach out to us and let us know.

16 Responses to “Subaru Badge Overlays – NEW”

  1. Please let me know ASAP for the 05-09 legacy badge. I would like to have a set of them asap thx jdm legacy

  2. @Jeremy .. We’re expecting to have this application ready by mid March.. we will drop you an email once these are completed.

  3. Mitchell Cooper

    If you would also let me know when you get the 05-09 lgt badge as well. I will buy one immediately!

  4. Dylan Childs

    Since we’re on the subject of emailing, can I jump on board the 05-09 Legacy email list?

  5. @Mitchell & Dylan – The 05-09 LGT overlays are just about ready. These should be completed and available on the site within the next 2 weeks. We will email you both once these are ready.

  6. Josh Edmondson

    Any chance you will make them for Foresters?

  7. Jed

    No love for the FXT?!

  8. Josh & Jed – We have a TON of love for the FXT and are working on releasing a newly stocked out and updated 04-08 section very shortly. At that time we will be releasing the FXT Badge Overlay application. This will be coming very soon =]

  9. Alex

    When will the 05-09 lgt overlays be release? I’m dying for some of those here!!!

  10. @Alex … these are being completed this week and should will be live on the site this week. **We will email you once they are up online**

  11. Chad Kipp

    You got any for foresters?

  12. @Chad Kipp … yes, we just released the 04-08 Forester XT badges this week. Check them out in our Forester XT Section at

  13. Jay


  14. Cody archambeault

    will the 08-10 wrx overlays fit on a stock 10 Impreza?

  15. Jacob

    Do y’all have a black and gold emblem for a 2007 sti?

  16. @jacob yes we do. if you go into the 07 STi badge section the colors are available on the drop downs.

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