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Tuesday November 11, 2014

TeamNotEvo is quickly positioning themselves as one of the most active & relevant communities dedicated solely to the 2008-2015 Lancer “non Evo trims”… GTS, DE, ES, GT, SE, & Ralliart. There’s a reason that at only two months young the TeamNotEvo FB page already boasts 700+ members, 20+ Tech files, and activity not seen on pages w/ triple these numbers. These guys have the formula down and we are extremely proud and excited to announce that as of this week AutoCity Imports is joining up as the official sponsor for TeamNotEvo.

If you haven’t checked their FB page out yet, check it out now…

FB Page Link:

TeamNotEvo is the creative work of 7 founding admins, all of which are 9g enthusiasts and share a very clear vision for the team & the 9g community. This is not an elitist crew, a trolling crew, nor is it all puppies and rainbows. This is a place where real people can come to chat, hang out, screw around a bit, but most importantly have access to some really great technical assistance and write ups specifically for the 9g Lancer. This crew has a very DIY attitude and offers “How To” files on oil changes all the way to turbo installation and many things in between. TeamNotEvo rides a fine line giving the live social interactive aspect of a FB group but w/ the technical information that you generally only see on forums.

AutoCity Imports has been working closely within the 9g Lancer community since the release of the car and we are excited to continue to so with TeamNotEvo. As the official sponsor for TeamNotEvo we have many plans to contribute to the groups success but none more exciting than our dedicated representative for the group. Jason Willis is our Mitsubishi specialist, is very knowledgeable about the 9g, owns a sportback gts, and is available to ALL group members as your personal rep for tech support, assistance, and most importantly, discounts! TeamNotEvo members will get VIP treatment and killer deals on parts. Hit up TeamNotEvo FB page for more details on this.

The cars pictured are TeamNotEvo founders in order from top to bottom (Kamal Malik, Steven Phay, Alex Martinez, and Ahmad Kadado) Not pictured founders (Evan Ross Sanders, Ivan Williams, & Vincent Valentine)

AutoCity Imports 9g parts section —> 2008+ Lancer Performance Parts Page.

3 Responses to “Team Not Evo & AutoCity”

  1. Kevin Vu

    Very happy to hear about this partnership! TeamNotEvo has really helped the 9g Lancer community connect & grow. Hoping to see more support & products for the 9g in the future :)

  2. Thanks for all the support AutoCityimports have shown our TeamNotEvo…and this relationship will grow and help the lancer community develop and evolve into something amazing :)

  3. Brad Brooks

    Thumbs up to this beautiful relationship between the TNE and ACI!

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