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Wednesday November 18, 2015

Diode Dynamics is one of our newest additions at AutoCity Imports, and something we are very excited to bring to our customers. Diode Dynamics has been developing & manufacturing performance lighting components since 2006 out of their St. Louis, Missouri location. The line focuses strongly on high quality automotive LED lighting to replace your stock incandescent bulbs to provide better visibility.

If there’s a light on your car odds are Diode has an LED upgrade available for it… (interior dome, map, trunk LEDs… exterior turn, plate, reverse LED’s… and a lot more)
Here is our full (and ever growing) DIODE DYNAMICS – Product Line Page… if you’re looking for a Diode part that you don’t see say the word and if we don’t already have it we can get it for you.

Below are a few samples of Diode LED before and after photos…

Interior (MAP) LED Lighting

Interior (Trunk) LED Lighting

Exterior (Reverse) LED Lighting

In addition to LED lighting bulb upgrades Diode also developed the very popular “Tail as Turn” module. This is available as a plug and play kit for a small handful of vehicles (08-14 WRX/STi, 2015+WRX/STi, BRZ/FRS, GenCoupe, G35/G37, and more to come) but also as a DIY universal kit that will work on many applications. If your car is equipped with LED taillights but have incandescent turn signals this will work for the car. The “Tail as Turn” module” eliminates the standard incandescent turn signal and allows your LED taillights to function as the new turn signals.

Here’s a bit more information on the functionality of the “Tail as Turn” kits along with a link to the current applications available…Tail as Turn Module – Diode Dynamics

If you have any technical questions about Diode Dynamics please feel free to phone in or emails us at [email protected]

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