Tail as Turn – WRX Hatch

Thursday October 22, 2015

Already an extremely popular mod for 15+ WRX/STi & BRZ owners but as of TODAY our good friends at DIODE DYNAMICS announced the release of this HIGHLY anticipated module for the 08-14 Hatch owners. Check out the links below for the new applications for both 08-14 STi and WRX.

Link: 08-10 Subaru WRX (Hatch) Tail as Turn
Link: 11-14 Subaru WRX (Hatch) Tail as Turn
Link: 11-14 Subaru STi (Hatch) Tail as Turn
Link: 08-10 Subaru STi Tail as Turn

As you can see this module eliminates your standard incandescent turn signal and allows your LED taillights to function as your new turn signals. This also leaves you with an extra spot to add an additional reverse light where your old standard turn signal was located. That additional reverse light is an optional LED available in three different brightness options. (HP48-Bright, HP11-Brighter, and XP80-Brightest). In the image below the reverse lights have been upgraded to the XP80.. the brightest option.

Below is the Tail as Turn installation on the 2008 – 2014 WRX / STi by Diode Dynamics. Also included in the video is installation of the optional XP80 reverse LEDs in action. Enjoy…

Below are some other Tail as Turn options from Diode Dynamics that we offer…

Link: 2015+ WRX Tail as Turn
Link: 2015+ STi Tail as Turn
Link: 2013+ BRZ Tail as Turn

If you have any questions about the Tail as Turn or any other Diode Dynamics lighting accessories please reach out to us and a specialized representative will be happy to help you.

2 Responses to “Tail as Turn – WRX Hatch”

  1. Paul Riale

    I have a 10 STI hatch. Which one do I order, and is the back up led kit with the tail as turn kit?

  2. PAUL… From 2008 – 2010 the STi’s were only offered as a Hatchback. That’s why our 08-10 STi product page for the “Tail as Turn” module doesn’t say “Hatch”, it’s just implied because Sedan was never an option for those years. So for your 2010 STi you will want to purchase the 08-10 STi kit.

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