WeatherTech Floor Liners

Wednesday October 14, 2015

We’re excited to announce the addition of WeatherTech floor liners to our product selection. For now we have limited selection of Subaru, Honda, & Mitsubishi part numbers but the full line of WeatherTech liners are available for special order if you don’t see what you are looking for on the site.

Subaru WeatherTech Floor Liners

02-07 WRX WeatherTech Liners
08-10 WRX WeatherTech Liners
11-14 WRX WeatherTech Liners
2015+ WRX WeatherTech Liners

04-07 STi WeatherTech Liners
08-10 STi WeatherTech Liners
11-14 STi WeatherTech Liners
2015+ STi WeatherTech Liners

05-09 Legacy GT WeatherTech Liners
10-12 Legacy GT WeatherTech Liners

04-08 Forester XT WeatherTech Liners

2013+ BRZ WeatherTech Liners

Mitsubishi WeatherTech Floor Liners
2008+ Lancer WeatherTech Liners
2008+ EvoX WeatherTech Liners

Honda WeatherTech Floor Liners
06-11 Civic WeatherTech Liners

Advanced surfacing creates channels that carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir with further channeling to help minimize fluid movement while driving.

WeatherTech Floor Liners are laser measured to give the mats a precise and perfect fit for your vehicle. These completely line and protect the interior carpet down the front, back, and up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell.

WeatherTech products are proudly made in American factories with materials sourced from the United States.

If you don’t see the WeatherTech part you are looking for please email in and we will happily get it for you.

2 Responses to “WeatherTech Floor Liners”

  1. I was looking for some to put in my 2013 Infiniti G37x. I live in an area where we tend to get a good amount of snow so therefore a lot of salt is used to keep roads from freezing. If you have any made for my car please let me know.

    Thank you

  2. Joe… We have mats for your G37x available in black, tan, or gray. These are available to ship today w/ our 2day shipping promo we are running on the line right now. All Infiniti mats on the site early next week but for now feel free to phone in to order or you can email in to [email protected].

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