2015+ WRX / STi Reverse Cutout Overlay Tint

Wednesday September 14, 2016

Our Reverse Cutout Overlays are specifically designed and measured for the 2015+ Subaru WRX & STi OEM Tail Lights. We spent a while perfecting the measurements on these kits to ensure a flawless fit right out of the box, no trimming needed. The way the pieces fit are important on this kit so the light from other sections don’t bleed through when you have your reverse & turn lights on. These line up perfectly.

Product Page: 2015+ Subaru WRX Reverse Cutout Overlay Tint ($14/ Full Kit)
Product Page: 2015+ Subaru STI Reverse Cutout Overlay Tint ($14/ Full Kit)

The reverse & turn signal area on the OE 15+ WRX / STi Tail Lights are a full clear / chrome section from the factory. Our overlay kit will allow you to modify this section with any combo of light tint, dark tint, amber, or red. The two most popular setups are full dark tint for both reverse and turn & full red tint for both reverse and turn. We have a lot of available options, below are a few examples…

Full Dark Tint : Reverse & Turn

Dark Tint Reverse & Amber Tint Turn

Full Red Tint : Reverse & Turn

If you have any questions or would like the tail lights done in a color option you don’t see please comment, email ([email protected]), or give us a call (586-797-9083), we’re happy to help. Check out over 5,500 other Subaru Accessories & Performance Parts for WRX, STi, LGT, FXT, & SF Forester.

************************** — UPDATED 10/31/16 — **************************

Our good friend Jon Tuazon did a quick install on these on his most recent Vlog, check it out below…

YouTube Channel Link —> EpicJonTuazon

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