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Wednesday May 18, 2016

Here’s the short… If you’re looking to install an aftermarket Steering Wheel you NEED an Adapter Hub to install it. If you plan on taking your steering wheel off for #racecar things you’ll need a quick release as well. That’s the short… if that’s all you needed to know we were happy to help, however if you need more info just keep reading… we give much more info below. Enjoy.

Adapter Hub (AKA: Hub / Short Hub) – This is really the ONLY thing you need to install your new steering wheel. The reason you need this is because every vehicle has a different steering column with a different spline mount, design, and diameter. The adapter hubs we sell are vehicle specific and will convert your steering column from the OE spline design to a universal six bolt design. The universal six bolt design is a standard for nearly all aftermarket steering wheels from Grip Royal, NRG, Sparco, and pretty much every major steering wheel brand. This will make for a very simple install… click here to see your application… Adapter Short Hub.

Quick Release – This is an optional part and is NOT necessary to install an aftermarket steering. The quick release is an optional part that fits between the Adapter Hub & Steering Wheel. This allows you to remove your steering wheel from the attached hub very quickly. Press to release the lock mechanism and pull back on your steering wheel… done. It allows for quick entry and exit to the vehicle (very useful for those with stationary racing seats)… click here to see TONS of colorways… Quick Release Kits.

Steering Wheel – We constantly have new styles coming in and out for steering wheels. Custom painted wood, Alacantara, Suede, Gold spoke, Chrome spoke, Black spoke… TONS of options. Click the link to scroll through our newest available options… Racing Steering Wheels.

If you have questions about steering wheels, quick release kits, or hubs let us know… we’re always down to help and many of us here have quick release kits on our builds.

4 Responses to “Steering Wheel Install Help”

  1. Jon Mendoza

    What’s the pricing for a quick release and steering weheel combo for a 2015 STI

  2. @jon.. we have a ton of different options for quick release and steering wheel combos for the 2015 STi. We’ll have a rep email you to go over some of the options.

  3. What’s the pricing for a quick release and grip royal steering wheel for a completely stock 1993 Nissan 240sx? Also what’re all the parts I would need to convert my completely stock 240sx to a quick release with grip royal steering wheel?

  4. @tayden… the only thing you need is the #SRK-140H nrg short hub which is made for the 240. From there you can pick out any of the quick releases & any grip royal wheel to combo it. We’ll drop you an email to go over pricing.

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