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Wednesday July 13, 2016

We get a lot of questions about wheel spacer sizing and how to choose the correct spacers for specific applications. To help clear those questions up we put a sizing guide together back in 2010… it’s been a while, so this is the much needed reboot with some newer info. We sell many brands of spacers but our best selling & featured brand is Ichiba, here’s a couple links to those product pages…

Link: Ichiba Wheel Spacers (Version I)
Link: Ichiba Wheel Spacers (Version II)

The number one question about spacers we get almost daily remains to be “what size wheel spacer will give me a flush stance”? A “flush” stance is highly relative to personal perception. What we may consider to be a “flush” stance may not be flush to you, also with so many variables (camber, tire stretch, wheel specs, etc) it makes this question a very hard one to answer. Luckily, to measure this yourself is actually fairly simple. Take a look at the picture below and use this as a measuring guide to help you get an idea of what you’ll need.

The widest point of your tire and wheel combination is usually the tire sidewall. Using a ruler with the straight edge flush to the sidewall of the tire, measure the gap between the tire to the inside lip of the fender. This will help you determine what size spacer you would like. Also keep in mind that stretching a narrower tire on a wider wheel, rolling the inner fender lip, and running negative camber are all tools that will allow you to get A LOT more aggressive with how large of a spacer you can use & ultimately how aggressive your stance will be.

Once you do figure out what size spacer will be best for you you’ll notice that most all spacer sizes are measured in mm. A lot of people like to have a mm to inches guide to help convert quickly… we got you… conversion guide below for most all of our popular selling size spacers…

Lastly is finding out your bolt pattern, thread, & center bore size. The best way to do this is to checking out a bolt pattern guide site… there’s many of these but a great one is www.myboltpattern.com. From time to time some cars are missing on this list so if you are having trouble finding your specific vehicle please contact us for assistance.

We sell spacers for nearly every application but here’s a quick list of links to our most popular spacer applications…

Honda: 02-05 Civic Si // 06-11 Civic // 2011+ CR-Z // 00-09 S2000
Hyundai: 2010+ Genesis (Coupe)
Infiniti: 03-07 G35 (Coupe) // 03-06 G35 (Sedan) // 07-08 G35 (Sedan) // 08-12 G37 (Coupe) // 09-13 G37 (Sedan)
Mitsubishi: 00-05 Eclipse // 2006+ Eclipse // 03-05 Evo VIII // 2006 Evo IX // 2008+ Evo X // 2008+ Lancer // 2009+ Lancer Ralliart
Nissan: 89-94 240SX // 95-98 240SX // 03-08 350Z // 2009+ 370Z
Scion: 2013+ FR-S // 2011+ TC
Subaru: 02-07 WRX // 08-10 WRX // 11-14 WRX // 2015+ WRX // 04-07 STi // 08-10 STi // 11-14 STi // 2015+ STi // 2013+ BRZ // 05-09 LGT // 10-12 LGT // 04-08 FXT

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