Saggy Butt Spacers : WRX Wagon

Friday January 6, 2017

We were looking for a little more ground clearance for the wrx wagon this winter w/ an easily reversible option come spring. Decided to remove the BC BR Coilovers, get the stock suspension in place, and tossed on some meatier 215/65/16 General Grabber AT2′s. Slight oversight… the wrx is so saggy in the rear with the OE suspension which caused a bit of rubbing with the larger tires but it also just looked really sad and off level. Enter in Saggy Butt Spacers… great solution to lift the back of the Subaru up a bit, leveling out the stance as well as adding a little clearance for the larger tires.

We decided to go with Michigan-based and enthusiast owned SUBTLE SOLUTIONS for the Saggy Butt Spacers. Odds are if you own a Subaru you already know these guys but for those that are not familiar Subtle’s been in the Subaru scene since 2008 engineering & manufacturing seriously premium parts. Nothing outsourced, all handled in the U.S., and quality is on point. Lift Kits, Saggy Butt, Nose Dive, & a nice range of other parts and accessories as well. Check out the full Subtle line at the link below…

Link: Subtle Solutions : Subaru Lift Kits & Accessories

We ended up going with the 1″ saggy butt spacers which is made of 6061 Aluminum. (The smaller 1/4″ & 3/8″ options are made from a High Density Polyurethane) Each of these kits are model specific and fits right on the Top Hats. The 1″ kit includes extended top hat bolts and washers, (something only necessary with the 1″ kits). Install is as simple as pounding out the old bolts to swap in the extended ones and fitting the new spacers in place. Very straight forward & easily reversible come spring time when we want to get our coilovers back in place and get low again.

If you have any questions about Saggy Butt Spacers or any of the Subtle Solution line please reach out to us, always happy to help. Email in at [email protected], call in at 586-797-9083, post a comment below, or drop us a FB message. Check out our selection of nearly 6,000 parts and counting in our Subaru Aftermarket Performance Parts section.

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