2008+ Lancer GTS Xtreme Lip Kit w/ Video

Thursday May 20, 2010

There seems to be no shortage of Evo-X replica parts for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer but while working with some of the Lancer communities we kept hearing the same thing. There seemed to be a desire for Lancer Body Kits that kept it a Lancer, not another Evo-X look alike. So with not many companies around giving the 2008+ Lancer the attention it deserves we decided to move forward to see if we could help. And so began our 2008+ Lancer GTS Xtreme Body Kit project.

We started off by running some of our ideas by the South Florida Lancer crew (Eric, Tom, and Chris) to get some feedback on what Lancer owners liked or disliked about some of our ideas. After some great feedback from these guys we took the ideas to one of the best Aftermarket Body Kit manufacturing teams in the U.S. and got the ball rolling. A few things changed after the parts made their way to reality but in the end I think we were able to finish the project with exactly what we had in mind.

Product Page Link: 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer GTS Xtreme Lip Kit

After the lip kit was completed we had one sent out to Florida for quick video shoot. The kit was installed on Tony Palmer’s 2008 Lancer and the video was shot and edited by Eric Jablon, founder of the South Florida Lancer car club. Check the video out below and for more about Eric & his team see their website at www.soflancer.com

Here are a few shots of some different stages on the design and manufacturing process. These pictures are not the final product but just a few shots we took along the way.

We want to thank Amber out of SoCal for being so cool to let us borrow her car to make this project a reality. And even with a couple setbacks and time delays on our end Amber was always really laid back and understanding. Plus her excitement for how the project was coming along made everything that much more fun. So thank you Amber! Also thanks to Eric & Tony for for putting together a great video edit showcasing the new Lancer Lip Kit. The video was shot back in 2009 so we wanted to also toss in a more recent shot of how Tony’s Lancer is looking as of today… So check that out below.

For any questions at all about the 2008+ Lancer GTS Xtreme Lip Kit please drop us an email or give us a phone call and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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2 Responses to “2008+ Lancer GTS Xtreme Lip Kit w/ Video”

  1. jo

    hey bro where can i get front n back lip!?

  2. Hey Jo, to order just the front and back you’ll have to phone in the order to us. 586-797-9083. we are working on a new feature to purchase individual body kit components on the site but it is not yet functional. Here is the product page for the full lip kit… http://www.autocityimports.com/2008-mitsubishi-lancer-gts-xtreme-lip-kit-p-8320.html … by the way the cost on the front lip is $175 and the rear caps are $150.

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