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Defi Temperature Gauge (Red Racer w/ White Needle)

Defi Temperature Gauge (Red Racer w/ White Needle)

Part Number: DF06707

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The Defi Red Racer Gauges are quick-responsive and high-accurate analog gauges. Boost, pressure, temperature, exhaust temperature, and volt gauges are available, and come in 52mm and 60mm diameter, Defi Racer Series Gauges feature a stepping motor that provides smooth internal operation. These are illuminated using high-brightness LEDs. Self-diagnostics functions monitor both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during the initial startup sequence. The face features a full 270 degree sweep dial, providing ultimate visibility. The temperature gauge can be used for water or oil and the pressure gauge for fuel or oil. The Racer series are smaller, less expensive, and don't require a control unit but still have the aggressive styling and accuracy that Defi is known for.

  • Defi Red Racer Gauges
  • Available in 52mm
  • Features white needle
  • Highly accurate analog gauges
  • Features full 270 degree sweep
  • Features a red triangle and can be rotated to be used as a visual indicator.
  • Stand alone unit does not require use of Defi controller unit II.