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GlowShift Black 10 Color Elite Series 3 3/4" Tachometer

GlowShift Black 10 Color Elite Series 3 3/4\" Tachometer

Part Number: GS-ET16

Retail Price: $199.99

Our Price: $109.99

You Save: $90 (45%)

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The GlowShift Black 10 Color Elite 3 3/4" Tachometer Gauge offers a unique combination of a high performance features including multiple backlit colors, a black face with a tinted lens, and color recall technology while still offering an affordable price. This model reads the vehicles RPM from 0-10,000 RPM with an integrated adjustable shift light by connecting the signal wire to the negative side of the coil or the vehicles tach port. Multiple coil vehicles my need to install a tach adapter in order to read the correct signal. This gauge has the ability to be connected to a vehicle with a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder gasoline engine. Each tinted faced gauge sports a red illuminated needle with a full 270 degree sweep of the entire gauge allowing maximum accuracy. GlowShift's ground breaking ten color LED technology allows the user to select a color of their choice to be displayed at anytime, as well as the choice of fast or slow color changing modes. The color recall technology allows the gauge to remember the previous color selected after the gauge has been powered back up. All Black 10 color Tachometer Gauges come complete with full installation instructions, GlowShift's one year warranty and free technical support.

  • GlowShift Black 10 Color Elite 3 3/4" Tachometer Gauge
  • 3 3/4" Black face gauge with magnified tinted lens
  • 10 color LED backlit illumination with color recall technology
  • Multiple automatic color changing modes
  • Mounting and Installation hardware
  • 1 year Warranty & Free Technical Support