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2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse D2 Racing Vera Evo Air System

2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse D2 Racing Vera Evo Air System

Part Number: D-MT-16-ARVEV

Retail Price: $3400.00

Our Price: $2,890.00

You Save: $510 (15%)

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The 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse D2 Racing Evo Management System is our entry level into electronic management offering both in vehicle operation or through included RF remote and three sensor digital gauge allowing for easy access to vital air pressure information (front, rear and tank).with LCD display, user defined font and background colors, high/low pressure alerts and voltmeter.

Key Features:

High Pressure Air Bags: Engineered and designed to match your vehicle. Sleeve type and double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle has. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides. Higher PSI = stiffer ride. Lower PSI = softer ride. Each car is different and it may take some time to dial in your preferred settings.

Every air strut comes with the same quality shocks that are standard in our RS coilover systems. Air shocks have a different internal valving setting to accommodate changes in PSI.

Adding further fine tuning of your ride height at any PSI setting you chose is the ability to have an adjustable lower mount just like our coilover kits. The benefit to this is being able to get the perfect ride height at basically any PSI you are comfortable driving at.

All D2 Racing Air Struts offer 36 levels of damping which allow you the ability to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer (counterclockwise) or stiffer (clockwise) by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way.

  • 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse D2 Racing EVO Management Kit
  • D2 Racing 36-way dampning adjustable air struts (set of four)
  • Flawless CNC finish
  • Dual electronic switches with three pressure gauge
    4 Solenoid valve block
  • Three pressure sensors
  • Four button RF remote (front up, front down, rear up, rear down) with 150 ft range
  • Brushed aluminum 4 gallon Specialty Suspension Seamless Tank with baseboard
  • Chrome VIAIR 444C with 150-175 PSI pressure switch
  • SMC water trap
  • 60’ DOT ¼” air line
  • All necessary fittings, power cables and plugs
  • 2 Keys for adjusting ride height
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
*Important Note:  Air Suspension kits are built to order – please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.