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2015+ Subaru WRX Silver's NEOMAX 2-Way Coilover Kit

2015+ Subaru WRX Silver\'s NEOMAX 2-Way Coilover Kit

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The 2015+ Subaru WRX Silver's 2 Way Coilovers have adjustable T6 6061 front camber plates on all McPherson style applications. Silver's also includes Koyo Japan Radial Bearing upper spring perch's standard on all applicable McPherson applications. This eliminates spring bind, noise, and gives improved driver feedback. With 24 levels of dampening adjustability combined with our high grade shock oil, not only do you feel the click in your fingers, you feel every dampening adjustment in the driver’s seat.

Spring Rates - Each application includes Silver's recommended spring rates for a great balance of ride quality and performance, and is perfect for street driving/occasional track duty. Custom springs are available between 4k and 20k Custom rates are perfect for those looking to tailor their vehicles ride to nearly any purpose (race/drift/stance etc.) If you would like choose custom spring rates please note this in the comments field during online checkout or with your sales rep.

Swift Spring Upgrade - Swift's R & D team created a material called H5S.TW. This advanced alloy is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Swift made the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke. If choosing the swift spring upgrade, please note your spring rates in the comments field. Swift spring rates are available between 4k and 34k and will be valved appropriately.

Super Low Option - The Silver's Superlow kit uses between 20mm and 60mm shorter shock and spring combo depending on application to achieve a lower ride height with out compromising ride quality. This option is best suited for users looking for the most aggressive drop rate. Extreme low kits are special order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Radial Bearing Mounts - Radial bearings are essential for noise-free operation on vehicles with front strut configurations, isolating spring movement from the rest of the coilover assembly. Silver's uses a high-quality radial Koyo Japan bearing that integrates into the upper spring perch. Now when the coilover assembly turns, our new radial bearing mount allows the camber plate and piston shaft to spin separately from the coilover assembly. This eliminates approximately 95% of the noise associated with camber plates on a strut vehicle.

Damper Adjustment Extenders - These are to help save the time and trouble of removing the interior of your car to change the damper on your rear coilovers. The extenders attach to the adjuster knob on top of your coilover for easy and quick adjustments.

Coilover Covers - Silver’s Coilover Covers are a must have for vehicles that see Extreme Weather Conditions or get driven on dirt roads more often then not. Our coilover covers offer an added layer of resistance keeping dirt, mud, grime, snow, harsh road salts / spray’s, and rocks from getting to the shock shafts or seals and the threads themselves. This added layer of protection helps prevent damage like shaft pitting & cut seals that require you to have your shocks rebuilt prematurely as well as help keep the locking collars and threads clean so you won’t have to worry about any seizing issues. Silver’s coilover covers were designed to have a zipper on the back instead of Velcro which can become loose and allow for gaps in the seal of the cover. The zipper allows for the covers to be installed in seconds securely and confidently. Our Coilover Covers are made of Neoprene so they have a nice form fit with elastic banded ends to give you the most protection possible. Kit Includes: (Qty 2)  Silver’s 325mm Coilover Covers

**Silver's coilovers are custom built to order in the USA. Most applications have a 1 week lead time.

  • 2015+ Subaru WRX Silver's Neomax Coilover kit
  • 16k Front / 10k Rear Spring Rate
  • 24-step Rebound Adjustable Dampers
  • High strength carbon steel 52mm diameter seamless shock tube.
  • 44mm piston
  • Powder coated steel lower brackets
  • High viscosity IP F.A. 5W damper oil
  • Cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9254 steel
  • Custom Spring Rates Available
  • Height Adjustment Independent of Preload
  • 18 Month limited manufacturer’s warranty.