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Advanced (White) Underglow LED Kit w/ Wireless Remote

Advanced (White) Underglow LED Kit w/ Wireless Remote

Part Number: LU-UB-(White)40.3

Retail Price: $132.99

Our Price: $109.99

You Save: $23 (17%)

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The new Wireless Underglow LED Light Kits by LEDGlow are a MUCH improved design that now allow for brighter & wider light spread, better durability, & more functionality.

Performance & Durability - New ultra-bright wide-angle LED’s now give off a brighter and wider light spread. These LED’s are housed inside high impact acrylic water resistant tubes and are designed to withstand weather conditions that come with daily exterior use.

Wireless Design - This is now a full wireless kit which allows you to wirelessly control between solid illumination mode to multiple lighting effects from the included key fob remote.

Functionality - The control box features a solid illumination mode, 12 unique lighting effects, different speed modes for each lighting effect, as well as 5 sound activation modes. The integrated lighting modes are easily operated with the included 4 button wireless remote or by using the corresponding buttons located directly on the control box. The control box will also remember the last mode the underbody kit was set to prior to your vehicle being powered off.  The music sensor allows the kit to flash to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle.

  • Wireless Underglow LED Light Kit (by LEDGlow)
  • Two 48" and Two 36" LED Tubes
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • Control Box w/ Multi Function Modes
  • 5 Sound Activation Modes & Music Sensor
  • Mounting & Installation Hardware
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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