Raymond’s 2008 Lancer

Monday May 10, 2010

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  1. Angel

    Hey bro. First of all nice ride. Love everything about it. One question. What did you use to paint your rims black? I am interested in doing the same thing. Thx

  2. I’m pretty sure this guy is a member on our forum (www.9glancers.com) and the stuff is called plasti-dip. it is a removable latex based paint that is great for blacking out things.

    if you own a 9th gen lancer or ralliart you should sign up for an account on there. we have a lot of how-to’s and such.

  3. Raymond

    whats up man-
    sorry i didnt notice any comments, but i had them painted at my friends body shop. I already changed these rims though.

  4. Tobias

    Hello Raymond.
    I have a lancer SE 2010 and i was wondering what year and trim is your car. My car color is identical to yours, and i’m thinking of doing the evo visual conversion kit, or a bumper similar to yours. It looks nice. My only question is what hassles did you get with the fog light. The fog lights need to be changed from stock, does autocity imports have any thing to fix this problem. Sorry for the essay.

    Thanks mate,

  5. Tommy Burns

    Hey Raymond, this is a GTS correct? Where did you get the Evo front for your car?

  6. Raymond has a GTS and put the Evo-X Style kit that we carry. Here’s a link to the product page. http://www.autocityimports.com/2008-mitsubishi-lancer-evo-x-style-body-kit-p-8004.html

  7. Mike

    Hey, nice car, I also am going to get this body kit but does the front bumper also come with the grill mesh?

  8. the body kit does not include the mesh inserts but we can add them in for you.

  9. Garry

    nice ride there man..i drive a Proton Inspira (Malaysian brand) which is the same as Lancer ES/GTS (but they change the front & rear bumpers) but with a manual tranny 1.8 4B10 engine.was thinking of putting the duckbill trunk in replace of the stock rear trunk. Autocity, do u guys do shipping to Malaysia?

  10. Gary – I’m very sorry but we only offer shipping within the United States and Canada.

  11. David

    quick question…i also have a GTS and was curious if your evo-x style body kit was a nice oem fitting or was there fitting/molding etc involved in the install…cause im interested in jus the rear evo-x style bumper but want a problem free install…..

  12. Hello David. Working with a custom shop that’s experienced in working with fiberglass body kits is the key to a great install. The kit itself is very nice but like all fiberglass pieces this will still require prep work (sanding, primer, & drilling out the mount locations) …working with an experienced customs shop is our best advice for a smooth install.

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